Confirmed minutes of the inaugural meeting of the Dunedin City Council held in the Fullwood Room, Dunedin Centre, Harrop Street, Dunedin on Tuesday 25 October 2016, commencing at 1.05 pm





Mayor Dave Cull


Deputy Mayor

Cr Chris Staynes



Cr David Benson-Pope

Cr Rachel Elder


Cr Christine Garey

Cr Doug Hall


Cr Aaron Hawkins

Cr Marie Laufiso


Cr Mike Lord

Cr Damian Newell


Cr Jim O'Malley

Cr Conrad Stedman


Cr Lee Vandervis

Cr Andrew Whiley


Cr Kate Wilson





Sue Bidrose (Chief Executive Officer), Simon Pickford (General Manager Community Services), Sandy Graham (General Manager Strategy and Governance), Gavin Logie (Acting Group Chief Financial Officer), Graham McKerracher (Manager, Council Communications and Marketing), Kristy Rusher (Manager Civic and Legal) and John Christie (Director Enterprise Dunedin).


Governance Support Officer       Pam Jordan




The Council was piped in to the Fullwood Room by Caitlin McLellan.






1       Mihi Whakatau


David Ellison, representing local Rūnanga, extended a welcome to the new Council.  He also conveyed greetings from a number of other groups such as the Dunedin Multi-Ethnic Council, University and Polytechnic Groups, and the Dunedin Interfaith Council.  Donna Matahaere-Atariki, Paulette Tamati-Elliffe and Katarina Ruckstuhl performed a waiata.


Mayor Dave Cull responded to the welcome, supported by the Dunedin City Council Waiata Group.



2       Welcome by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr Sue Bidrose


The Chief Executive Officer welcomed elected members, families, staff and members of the public to the meeting.


3       Declarations By Members


a)      The Mayor




The Chief Executive Officer outlined the history of the position of Mayor and the Robes and Chain of Office and wished the Council a successful term.


The Mayor made the required declaration under Schedule 7, Clause 14 of the Local Government Act 2002, which was witnessed by the Chief Executive Officer.   The Mayor then took the Chair.




b)      Councillors




Councillors made the declarations required by Schedule 7, Clause 14 of the Local Government Act 2002, which were witnessed by the Mayor. 


4       Welcome by the Mayor


Mayor Cull conveyed a welcome to those present at the meeting and extended his congratulations to Councillors on their election. 


He commented that it was a privilege to be chosen to serve again as Mayor of the city.  It was also a privilege to welcome the Council.  A new mandate from the community had been received as well as continuity from previous councils.  Mayor Cull commented on his priorities for the term.  His Chair and Deputy Chair appointments had been made to enable maximum contributions and he also looked forward to fresh contributions.  His wish was for the Council to leave the prospects for the collective future better than it found them.  He welcomed all the newly elected Council and looked forward to enterprise, effort and working together.

5       Apologies

There were no apologies.


6       Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Mayor Dave Cull/Cr Chris Staynes):


That the Council:


Confirms the agenda without addition or alteration


Motion carried (CNL/2016/146)




7       Adoption of Standing Orders


A report from Civic and Legal noted that a local authority must adopt a set of standing orders for the conduct of its meetings and those of its committees (Clause 27, Schedule 7, Local Government Act 2002).  Local Government New Zealand had reviewed and revised the form of standing orders which applied to local authority meetings.  The report recommended the adoption of the revised standing orders with one amendment which provided for the management of the Waipori Fund.


Minor typographical errors were pointed out in the Standing Orders document:

·         Clause 5.4 – reference to SO 5.5 should be 5.6

·         Clause 11.4 – Paragraph 2 to read: "Where circumstances require it …"


Moved (Mayor Dave Cull/Cr Chris Staynes):


That the Council:


a)     Notes that the form of standing orders proposed is as recommended by Local Government New Zealand, with the addition of a standing order to continue the arrangements for decisions concerning divestment of the Waipori Fund.

b)     Adopts the standing orders in the form proposed in Attachment 1 to the report, including the amendments advised at the meeting.  

Motion carried unanimously (CNL/2016/147)


8       Acknowledgement of Retiring Community Board Members


The Mayor acknowledged the service of retiring Community Board members.



Moved (Cr Chris Staynes/Cr Christine Garey):


That the Council:



a)     Records its sincere thanks to the following retiring Community Board members for their loyal and conscientious service given to the City of Dunedin:


Chalmers Community Board

Peter Cole                                        2013-2016

Raewynne Pedofski                            2007-2016


Mosgiel Taieri Community Board

Blackie Catlow                                  2013-2016

Mark Willis                                               2013-2016


Saddle Hill Community Board

Pamela Jemmett                               2007-2016


Strath Taieri Community Board

Karen Dunn                                      2013-2016

Noel Matthews                                  2010-2016


Motion carried (CNL/2016/148)


9       Chairs and Committee Structure for the 2016-2019 TriennIUm


A report from Mayor Dave Cull provided Councillors with formal details of the new Committee structure and Chairs and Deputy Chairs.  It also detailed his choice of Deputy Mayor.

The delegations for each Committee would be re-written to reflect the new structure and would be presented to the November meeting of Council for consideration.  The membership of some Subcommittees was not yet finalised and would also be reported back to Council at the November meeting.



Moved (Mayor Dave Cull/Cr Aaron Hawkins):


That the Council:


a)     Notes the appointment of Cr Chris Staynes as Deputy Mayor.

b)     Notes the new Committee structure as attached to the report.

c)     Notes the appointment of the Chairs and Deputy Chairs and various Councillor appointments to those Committees, Subcommittees and Community Boards.


Voting was carried out by division.


For:           Crs Dave Cull, Chris Staynes, David Benson-Pope, Rachel Elder, Christine Garey, Doug Hall, Aaron Hawkins, Marie Laufiso, Mike Lord, Damian Newell, Jim O'Malley, Conrad Stedman, Andrew Whiley and Kate Wilson (14).

Against:     Cr Lee Vandervis (1).


The division was declared CARRIED by 14 votes to 1.


Motion carried (CNL/2016/149)


10          Appointment of Acting Deputy Mayor


A report from Mayor Dave Cull noted that there were occasions when the Mayor and Deputy Mayor were out of Dunedin at the same time and it was necessary to have an elected member designated to deal with any issues that arose during these times. 

He proposed appointing an Acting Deputy Mayor to act during any joint absences for the current triennium.



Moved (Mayor Dave Cull/Cr Chris Staynes):


That the Council


a)     Appoints Councillor David Benson-Pope as Acting Deputy Mayor for any joint absences of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor during this triennium.

Motion carried (CNL/2016/150)


11     Appointment of Representatives on Zone 6 Committee of Local Government New Zealand


A report from Mayor Dave Cull noted that Local Government New Zealand had a committee for representatives of local authorities in Zone 6.  The report recommended the appointment of three elected members to the Local Government New Zealand Zone 6 Committee.



Moved (Mayor Dave Cull/Cr Doug Hall):


That the Council:


a)     Appoints Mayor Dave Cull, Cr Chris Staynes and Cr Aaron Hawkins as the representatives to the Local Government New Zealand Zone 6 Committee.

Motion carried (CNL/2016/151)


12     Meeting Schedule for the Remainder of 2016


A report from Civic noted that a meeting schedule was included for consideration in accordance with Schedule 7, Clause 21 of the Local Government Act 2002.  A proposed meeting schedule for the remainder of 2016 was set out in the report.


Moved (Cr Andrew Whiley/Cr Chris Staynes):


That the Council:


a)     Adopts the meeting schedule for the remainder of 2016.

b)     Notes that a meeting schedule for 2017 will be prepared for consideration at the Council meeting on 15 November 2016.

c)     Notes that the Community Boards will consider and confirm their own meeting schedules.

Motion carried (CNL/2016/152)


13     Elected Member Remuneration Rates for 2016/17


A report from the Executive Leadership Team noted that the Remuneration Authority (the Authority) set the remuneration levels for elected members.  The Authority approved remuneration rates for elected members from 1 July 2016 based on the previous committee structure and positions of responsibility.  The new committee structure required a reconsideration of the remuneration levels to accommodate the changes for the new triennium.

There were no changes proposed to either base-level Councillor remuneration or to the remuneration levels for the Mayor or Community Board members.



Moved (Mayor Dave Cull/Cr Doug Hall):


That the Council:


a)     Approves the revised remuneration rates for positions of responsibility for 2016/17.

Motion carried (CNL/2016/153)


14     Adoption of Code of Conduct


A report from the Executive Leadership Team noted that the Local Government Act 2002 required that Councils adopt a Code of Conduct.  The report provided a summary of the updated Code of Conduct (the Code) that was prepared by Local Government New Zealand following consultation across the sector.

The Code updated the previous national standard and provided a plain English version of standards of behaviour expected of elected members in the exercise of their duties. The Code also provided details on how breaches of the Code would be dealt with.

The Code should be read in conjunction with the Council's Standing Orders.



Moved (Mayor Dave Cull/Cr Chris Staynes):


That the Council:


a)     Adopts the Dunedin City Council Code of Conduct as per Attachment 1 of the report.

Motion carried unanimously (CNL/2016/154)


15     Local Government Legislation - Briefing for the Inaugural Council Meeting 2016


A report from Civic and Legal advised that Clause 21 of Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002 required that, at the inaugural meeting of the Council and Community Boards following the triennial election, the Chief Executive Officer must provide a general explanation of the following legislation:

a)     The Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987;

b)     The Local Authorities (Members' Interests) Act 1968;

c)     Sections 99, 105 and 105A of the Crimes Act 1961;

d)     The Secret Commissions Act 1910; and

e)     The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.



Moved (Mayor Dave Cull/Cr Chris Staynes):


That the Council:


a)     Notes the advice regarding key legislation that applies to members of Council, its Committees and Community Boards.

Motion carried (CNL/2016/155)




The meeting concluded at 2.02 pm.