Grants Subcommittee



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Grants Subcommittee held in the Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon, Dunedin on Tuesday 22 November 2016, commencing at 9.06am





Aaron Hawkins


Deputy Chairperson

Andrew Whiley



Christine Garey

Kate Wilson


Sze En Lau

Marie Laufiso


Bridie Lonie

June Mills


Paulette Tamati-Elliffe





Joy Gunn, Manager Events and Community Development, Paul Coffey, Community Advisor, Wai Piggot, Financial Analyst, Aalbert Rebergen, Biodiversity Officer, Garreth Kyle, Research and Monitoring Officer, Marilyn Anderson, Community Events Advisor, Cara Paterson, Community Advisor – Arts, Craig Monk, Community Advisor – Arts.


Governance Support Officer      Arlene Goss




1       Public Forum

There was no Public Forum.   


It was noted that community members Sze En Lau, Bridie Lonie, Paulette Tamati-Elliffe and June Mills, were not due to attend until 10am because they are not involved in the deliberation of biodiversity grants.


2       Apologies


Moved (Cr Kate Wilson/Cr Aaron Hawkins) that the Committee:


Accepts the apologies from Ms Desiree Williams and Mr John Barkla.


Motion carried


3       Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Cr Aaron Hawkins/Cr Marie Laufiso) that the Committee:


Confirms the agenda with the following alteration: Item 6 on the agenda will be considered before Item 5.


Motion carried (GS/2016/017)


4       Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.


The chairman declared an interest in a number of grants and has requested that these be considered in a block at the end of the discussion to allow him to vacate the chair and pass it to the deputy chairman. Cr Garey also declared an interest in some of the applications and will step back when these are considered.

Part A Reports

6       Dunedin Biodiversity Fund - Final Reports on Completed Projects


Moved (Cr Aaron Hawkins/Cr Kate Wilson) that the Committee:


Carry forward the unspent money in the Biodiversity Fund to the 2016 funding round.


Motion carried (GS/2016/018)


5       Dunedin Biodiversity Fund - Applications to the September 2016 Funding Round


Garreth Kyle, Research and Monitoring Officer, explained biodiversity grants to the new members of the committee and answered questions.


The committee noted ASCV applications are numbers 13, 15, 18 and 21. There are concerns with the Orokonui Ecosanctuary application (15). It was suggested this amount be reduced to $3,000. This is for an ongoing maintenance and operational cost rather than a project. The committee was concerned that Council will not have biodiversity grant funds in the future to put towards the ongoing maintenance of Orokonui.


The chairman suggested that the amount granted to application 19, Dunedin Environment Centre Trust, be $3900 to cover the cost of plantings.


The committee discussed application 18, WB and DM Baguley. Concern was expressed that there does not appear to be a neighbour contribution to the costs of the fence. Cr Wilson requested more information on this. Cr Whiley would also like to know if the fence was affected by the Saddle Hill fire.


Garreth Kyle was asked to leave the meeting and phone the applicant to gather more information and bring this back to the committee. It was agreed that this item be adjourned until later in the meeting.



Moved that the Grants Subcommittee (Cr Kate Wilson/Cr Aaron Hawkins):




Motion carried



The community members, Sze En Lau, Bridie Lonie, Paulette Tamati-Elliffe and June Mills, joined the meeting at 10.21am.


7       Grant Applications - EVENTS


Marilyn Anderson summarised the criteria for events funding. Discussion followed on each application.


The application from the Otago Art Society was declined due to insufficient information being available for the committee to make a decision. The application lacked a detailed up to date budget and financial information.


Cr Kate Wilson left the meeting at 11:42 am and returned at 11.45am.



Moved (Ms Bridie Lonie/Cr Andrew Whiley) that the Committee:


Approves funding for events as follows:

·         Mosgiel Business Association, Mosgiel Community Market Day, $1600

·         Falefa'ea Fagasa, Samoan Language Week, $650

·         BRONZ Otago Inc, Toy Run and Easter Egg Run, $1460.95

·         Samoan Advisory Council, Samoan Independence Day, $800

·         Dunedin Poultry, Pigeon and Cage Bird Club, Annual Show, $1000

·         Sri Lankan Students Association, Sri Lankan New Year, $400

·         Brighton Gala Experience, Brighton Gala Day, $1750

·         Royal NZ Pipe Band Assn, Octagonal Day/Pipe Band Contests, $3650

·         Portobello Blues Festival, Festival, $2000

·         Waitati e, Waitati Music Festival, $2000

·         Grants Braes AFC, Beach Soccer Tournament, $1000

·         Dunedin City Petanque Inc, NZ National Senior Doubles Champ, $400

·         Music Managers Forum NZ, Music Month Summit, $2000

·         Scout Assn, Otago Gang Show, $1500

·         Bike Otago, 3 Peaks Enduro Mountain Bike Race, $3000

·         NZ Ice Hockey Federation, Under 20s World Champs, $3000

·         Dunedin Ice Hockey Assn, Kiwi Masters Hockey Tournament, $2000

·         Festival of the Plain, Festival, $1500

·         Acts of Kindness Charitable Trust, Community Christmas Dinner, $2600


And declines funding to the Otago Art Society for the Biennial National Art Award.


Motion carried (GS/2016/019)


The meeting adjourned for lunch at 12pm and reconvened at 12.31pm.


5       Resumption of the Consideration of Biodiversity Grants



Garreth Kyle, Research and Monitoring Officer, updated the committee on the situation of the fence in the application from WB and DM Baguley. Consideration of biodiversity grants continued and decisions were made as noted in the resolution below.



Moved (Cr Kate Wilson/Cr Andrew Whiley) that the Committee:

Allocates the following grants from the Biodiversity Fund:

·    2016-11 Helen Chitty and Mac Robertson,12 Kayforce Road, Revegetation, $668.72     

·    2016-12 Rupert Ray, 18 Barr St, Kenmure, Native bush regeneration, $4000    

·    2016-13 Blueskin Farms Ltd,        80 Double Hill Road, Waitati, Weed control, $1455

·    2016-14 Alan Paterson,       118a Elgin Road, Mornington, Native bush regeneration, $4000 

·    2016-15 Orokonui Ecosanctuary, 600 Blueskin Road, Supplementary bird feed and creation of labels, $3000     

·    2016-16 Springwater Ag Ltd,       Bulls Creek Road, Henley, Riparian planting, $1663

·    2016-17 John and Shona Chapman, Purakaunui, Fencing and revegetation, $1225

·    2016-18 WB and DM Baguley,45, 47 and 53 Saddle Hill Road, Fencing of open space covenant, $5000     

·    2016-19 Dunedin Environment Centre Trust, Kaikorai Estuary, Restoration, $3900

·    2016-20 Alister Young, 709 Portobello Rd       , Revegetation, $3000

·         2016-21 Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club, 680 Whare Flat Road, Pest plant control, $3000 

Motion carried (GS/2016/020)


Cr Andrew Whiley left the meeting at 12:40 pm.





Discussion was held on the applications for arts funding.


Cr Andrew Whiley returned to the meeting at 01:02 pm.


Cr Wilson declared an interest and stepped back from the consideration of application 8 (Middlemarch Promotions Group).


At 1.19pm Cr Hawkins declared interests in applications 5 (Fortune Theatre), 11 (Stopping Violence Dunedin) and 13 (Talking House Productions) and handed the chair to deputy chairman Cr Andrew Whiley. He stepped back from the table.


Those applications were briefly discussed by the committee. Cr Whiley then returned the chair to Cr Hawkins at 1.23pm.


Applications 14 (Glorybox) and 15 (Motoko Kikkawa) were declined. Staff will advise the applicants on developing their projects further before potentially resubmitting to a future funding round.



Moved (Cr Christine Garey/Ms Sze En Lau) that the Committee:


        Allocates the following arts grants:

·         Aotearoa Digital Arts (ADA) & Saltwater Arts, Umbrellamalia, $4000

·         Down in Edin Magazine, magazine issues, $3000

·         Dunedin Opera Company/Opera Otago, "War Hero" opera, $4000

·         Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival, "Jane Eyre" performance, $3000

·         Kath Beattie's Writing Group, website, $1500

·         Manawa Enterprises, Matariki performance, $2500

·         Middlemarch Promotions Group Umbrelleed by STARTT, gallery, $2540

·         Orokonui Ecosanctuary, arts trail, $2000

·         Sarah Spicer and Adam Samuel Goldman, performance, $4000

·         Taki Rua Productions Society Inc, Tiki Taane Mahuta Tour, $2500

·         Fortune Theatre, Summer School, $3000

·         Stopping Violence Dunedin, theatre, $650

·         Talking House Productions, performances, $1908

And declines the following arts grant applications:

·         Glorybox, pop up galleries

·         Motoko Kikkawa, workshops and performances

Motion carried (GS/2016/021)


Cr Hawkins and Cr Wilson did not vote.





Applications for Creative Communities grants were considered by the committee. The committee heard that there was a record number of applications received for this funding round.


Member Bridie Lonie declared an interest in application 19 (Poems in the Waiting Room – Poems on Steps) and left the room during the consideration of this application.


The application from the Mosgiel Business Association for funding towards street art was declined because there is considerable pressure on the fund, and it was deemed this application required further work. The committee recommends that staff work with the business association to help them either reapply or seek other funding avenues.


The application from Swing Riot Dunedin for funding towards the Dunedin Swing Festival was declined because the event is commercially viable and there are stronger applications in this funding round, which is under considerable funding pressure.


The application from Thomas Marshall Jensen, Central Otago Symphony, was declined because the application does not include connections between the applicant and either orchestra that might participate. This application requires further development.


At 2.24pm Cr Hawkins declared interests in applications 4 (Metonymic Trust), 8 (Louise Clifton), 11 (The Dunedin Fringe Arts Trust), 13 (Guy Howard-Smith) and 27 (Jordon Dickson) and handed the chair to deputy chairman Cr Andrew Whiley to continue with the meeting. He then left the room.


Those applications were briefly discussed by the committee. Cr Whiley then returned the chair to Cr Hawkins when he returned to the room at 2.38pm.



Moved (Cr Andrew Whiley/Mrs June Mills) that the Committee:


Allocates the following Creative Communities Grants:


·         Poems in the Waiting Room, Lilliput Libraries, $2000

·         Trudy Lane, public artwork installation, $3000

·         Opera Otago, "A Christmas Carol", $4000

·         The Hills Radio Trust/Otago Access Radio, Profile of 20 Young People, $2000

·         Kaitrin McMullan and Brydee Strang, Round the World in 80 Tales, $1700

·         The Unity Creative, Hip Hop 'n' Popcorn Creation/Writing Workshop, $3000

·         Just Atelier Trust, Unstitched: Local Fashion Revolution, $2500

·         Christine Keller, Community Loom Weaving Workshops, $2000

·         Brendan James Christie, Nook and Cranny Music Festival, $1200

·         Guy Howard-Smith, Otago University Clean Streets Mural, $1500

·         Kath Beattie's Writers Group, Literary Link, $1500

·         Campbell Walker, Community Cinema, $2000

·         Waitati e, Waitati Music Festival 2017, $2100

·         Jon Wilson, Winters Blight Frame Animation Film, $2000

·         Poems in the Waiting Room, Poems on Steps – POSTs, $1000

·         The Vogel Street Party Charitable Trust, The Vogel Street Party 2017, $1920

·         Tom Mepham, The Sound Fuse:Music Intensives, $1000

·         Otago Scout Gang Show, Otago Gang Show 2017, $1000

·         Sweet Adelines International NZ, National competitions and Education Convention, $2200

·         Dunedin Theatre Reviewers' Collective, Dunedin Theatre Awards 2016, $1250

·         Lesley Smith, Letterpress Scrabble and Bookmarks, $450

·         Green Island Competitions Society, Annual Junior Vocal Competition, $400

·         East Otago Musical Theatre Inc, Annual Production - 'Anything Goes', $1000

·         Amana Art Group, Tutorials by established artists, $750

·         Metonymic Trust, Lines of Flight Festival of Experimental Music, $3000

·         Louise Clifton, Frankenfoot workshops and exhibition, $2000

·         Kari Morseth, installation, application withdrawn

·         Jordon Dickson, Queen theatre production, $750

·         The Dunedin Fringe Arts Trust, The Amped Music Project, $2000

And declines the following Creative Communities Grants:

·         Mosgiel Business Association, Street Art in Mosgiel.

·         Swing Riot Dunedin, Dunedin Swing Festival.

·         Thomas Marshall Jensen, Central Otago Symphony,

Motion carried (GS/2016/022)


Cr Hawkins and Bridie Lonie did not vote.





Paul Coffey, Community Advisor, introduced the criteria for community grants and spoke about the grants currently under consideration.


Cr Garey declared interest in application 26 (Parkinsons Society) and will leave the room when it is discussed.


The application from the Moray Foundation Trust was declined because the grants criteria prohibits the committee from granting money to a funding body.


The application from the Dunedin BMX Club was declined because the committee is not able to fund track maintenance. This application will be referred to the Parks Department.


The committee agreed to increase the value of some grants by $450 each to reach the total of the money able to be allocated. Those that were increased were applications numbered 8,9,10,12,19,21,23,24, 25,26 and 28.


The chairman also suggested increasing applications 5 and 7 to the full requested amounts, and this was agreed. The final amounts are listed in the resolution below.



Moved (Cr Aaron Hawkins/Cr Marie Laufiso) that the Committee:


Allocates the following Community Grants:


·         Caversham Community Group, Caversham Newsletter, $2000

·         Corstorphine Community Hub, Corstorphine Community Hub Club, $2000

·         Methodist Mission, Southern Arahina Family Service Centre, $2500

·         The North East Valley Community Development Project , $2500

·         Cedars of Lebanon Club, Driving Lessons for Syrian Woman Refugee, $2000

·         Dunedin Community Transport Trust, Plus Bus, $2500

·         Dunedin Multi Ethnic Council, Chai and Chat, $1760

·         Rape Crisis Dunedin, Volunteer Training Programme 2017, $2950

·         Stopping Violence Dunedin, Staff Wages, $2950

·         Youthline Otago, Salary for Manager, $2950

·         Caversham Toy Library, Wages for Librarian, $2500

·         Chatbus Trust, Counsellor Salary, $2950

·         Life Education Trust Coastal Otago, Educator Salaries, $2500

·         Otago Youth Wellness Trust, Wraparound Service, $2500

·         Presbyterian Support Otago, Buddy Programme Dunedin, $2500

·         Saddle Hill Foundation Trust, Ground Zero Summit and Challenge, $2500

·         Dunedin Chinese Language and Cultural Trust, Teaching of Mandarin and Cantonese and Chinese Dance, $2500

·         Dunedin Senior Chinese Association, Teaching and Activity Programme, $2500

·         Alzheimer's Society Otago, Administration Support, $2950

·         Aphasia NZ Charitable Trust, Dunedin Aphasia Support Group, $2500

·         Autism New Zealand Otago Branch, Outreach Coordinator Wages, $2950

·         CCS Disability Action Otago, Disability Support, $2500

·         Deaf Aotearoa Holdings, Opportunities that enable Deaf people to achieve their aspirations, $2950

·         Dunedin Community Learning Centre, DCLC Wages, $2950

·         Hearing Association Dunedin Branch, Field Officer Wages, $2950

·         Parkinsonism Society of Otago, Support Programme, $2950

·         The Brain Injury Association (Otago), Liaison Service, $2400

·         The Southern Regions Branch of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Southern Field Worker, $2950

·         Willing Workers Ltd, Wages, $2500

·         Work Opportunities Trust, Salary, $2500

·         Araiteuru Marae, restoration of Pa Harakeke, $2500

·         Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust, Healthy Rentals Certification, $2500

·         Dunedin Environment Centre Trust, Kaikorai Commons Redevelopment Documentary, $2400

·         Just Atelier, Unstitched:Local Fashion Revolution, $2500

·         Ocean Grove Community Trust, Tomahawk Community Garden, $2500

·         Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust, Tools to identify yellow-eyed penguins, $2000

·         Outram Charitable Trust, Outram Cricket Nets, $1300

·         Shakti Ethnic Women's Support Group Dunedin, Unheard Voices of Ethnic Women in Down South, $2500

And declines the following Community Grants:

·         Moray Foundation Trust, Salary of Administrator

·         Dunedin BMX Club, Track Maintenance

Motion carried (GS/2016/023)


Cr Garey did not vote.


8       Small Project and Neighbourhood Matching Grants report



These project and neighbourhood matching grants have already been approved by the former chair of the committee so they are for noting rather than approval.



Moved (Cr Aaron Hawkins/Cr Kate Wilson) that the Committee:


a)     Notes the spread sheet for DCC - Small Project Fund and Neighbourhood Matching Grants up to 16 November 2016

Motion carried (GS/2016/024)


The community members were thanked for their work and service to the committee.


The meeting concluded at 3.40pm.