Notice of Meeting:

I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Saddle Hill Community Board will be held on:


Date:                             Thursday 17 November 2016

Time:                            3.30 pm

Venue:                          Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers,

                                      The Octagon, Dunedin


Sue Bidrose

Chief Executive Officer


Saddle Hill Community Board






Scott Weatherall


Deputy Chairperson

Leanne Stenhouse



Peter Gouverneur

Christina McBratney


Keith McFadyen

Paul Weir


Councillor Conrad Stedman



Senior Officer                               Adrian Blair, Group Manager Customer and Regulatory Services


Governance Support Officer      Lynne Adamson




Lynne Adamson

Governance Support Officer



Telephone: 03 477 4000








Note: Reports and recommendations contained in this agenda are not to be considered as Council policy until adopted.


Saddle Hill Community Board

17 November 2016




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Part A Reports (Saddle Hill Community Board  has power to decide these matters)

13        Declaration by Keith McFadyen

To be made and attested as required by Schedule 7, Clause 14 of the Local Government Act 2002.