Engagement plan FOR: Public art in Dunedin Ė A Framework

Date: August 2016

Department/Contact: cam mcCracken



∑††††† Inspire and engage the community on what might be possible for a new public art programme for Dunedin.

∑††††† Check back in with the community and the creative sector now that a draft Public Art Framework 2017-22 (the Framework) has been developed.


There was significant public engagement as part of the development of Ara Toi, and as a result this engagement plan is lower key.




∑††††† The community.

∑††††† Key stakeholders, including Community Boards, the Creative Dunedin Partnership, Kāi Tahu networks, artists and creative networks, including Transforming Dunedin.


Mšori - Yes

Community Boards - Yes





DL postcards with key messages and key images that relate back to the Framework will be distributed through the DCCís networks . These postcards will encourage public to feedback their thoughts.


Sector workshop

A workshop for the creative sector will also be held at DPAG, which is likely to focus in the main on the practical components of the Framework in terms of commissioning processes.


DCC website

Information regarding the Framework and the engagement process will be made available on the DCCís website, and included on the ĎCurrently consulting oní webpage.


Peopleís Panel

Undertake a Peopleís Panel survey to raise awareness of public art in Dunedin and future plans; as well, seek thoughts from the community on the direction of travel.


Social Media

The DCCís social media platforms will raise the profile of the work and engagement.† Creative sector and community stakeholders will also be encouraged to share this information widely.



The runaka and Kāi Tahu ki Otago will be emailed information on the opportunity for input.


Community Boards

Due to elections, it is likely that both existing and new Community Board Chairs will be emailed information.


Places to go


To be confirmed.




To be confirmed.† Feedback will inform the final version of the Framework that will be provided to Council in November for adoption.





To be confirmed.




This engagement process and its outcomes will be discussed by the wider Ara Toi project team to identify what did and didnít work.


Closing the loop


The Director of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery will feedback to the Ara Toi wider project team and to the Corporate Policy team to ensure any good/bad practice lessons are taken forward into future engagement work.