West Harbour Community Board



Unconfirmed minutes of an ordinary meeting of the West Harbour Community Board held in the Rolfe Room, Port Chalmers Town Hall, Port Chalmers on Wednesday 8 February 2017, commencing at 5.30 pm





Steve Walker


Deputy Chairperson

Trevor Johnson



Francisca Griffin

Ryan Jones


Ange McErlane

Jan Tucker




Graham McKerracher (Council Communications and Marketing Manager), Jason Forbes (Project Manager, NZTA) and Richard Saunders (Group Manager Transport)


Governance Support Officer      Pam Jordan




1       Public Forum

1.1    Brailleys Track


Jack Austin addressed the meeting concerning the maintenance of Brailleys Track. He tabled material on the history of the road and its previous maintenance, and noted that the Council had stopped carrying out maintenance on it, arguing it was a private road.  Mr Austin did not consider that this was correct as it had been maintained in the past by previous councils.  He noted that the road was present on various maps and promoted as a tourist walk.  The road was now in a bad state.  He requested that the road be maintained to a basic level as it had been in prior years and that in the event that the road was not formally designated, that custom, precedence and usage be given due weight and earlier agreements be honoured.

It was agreed that this matter be included on the Action List for the next meeting for staff to report back on maintenance.



1.2    Aramoana Wharf


Tracey Densem and Bill Brown from the Aramoana Pilots Wharf Trust addressed the meeting concerning the Aramoana Wharf.  They provided background information on the wharf and their desire to restore it, and had received permission to do so.  The Council had now demolished unsafe parts of the wharf for health and safety reasons and stored the materials.  They commented on an engineer's report and noted that they were working with the Council regarding an application to the Department of Conservation for a concession. 

The Board thanked the Trust for the work it had done so far.  It was suggested that the matter be discussed further at the next meeting.



2       Apologies

An apology was received from Cr Aaron Hawkins.


Moved (Chairperson Steve Walker/Francisca Griffin):

That the Board:


Accepts the apology.


Motion carried (WHCB/2017/001)


3       Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Chairperson Steve Walker/Trevor Johnson):

That the Board:


Confirms the agenda with the addition of Board Representation verbal updates.


Motion carried (WHCB/2017/002)



4       Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.



Moved (Chairperson Steve Walker/Ryan Jones):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Elected Members' Interest Register attached as Attachment A of the report; and

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (WHCB/2017/003)



5       Confirmation of Minutes

5.1    West Harbour Community Board meeting - 16 November 2016


It was noted that Jan Tucker's appointment to Vision Port Chalmers had been omitted  from Item 11.

Trevor Johnson noted that a requested report on power poles in the Board area had been received and asked whether the Board would discuss it.


Moved (Chairperson Steve Walker/Jan Tucker):

That the Board:


Confirms the public part of the minutes of the West Harbour Community Board meeting held on 16 November 2016 as a correct record incorporating the amendment to Item 11.


Motion carried (WHCB/2017/004)


Part A Reports

6       West Harbour Shared Path Update


Jason Forbes, Project Manager, of NZTA updated the Board on the latest plans for the St Leonards to Port Chalmers section of the shared path, which he circulated.  He commented on a raised path through the Roseneath cutting and a reclamation in Blanket Bay.

Mr Forbes responded to questions on timelines, consent and funding processes and safety work on the main highway.  It was agreed that NZTA should be invited to the June Board meeting to provide a further update.


7       Governance Support Officer's Report


A report informed the West Harbour Community Board of activities relevant to the Board area including:

a)     Project Fund

b)     Scholarship Fund

c)     2017 Community Boards Conference

d)     Training for Community Board Chairs

e)     Proposed Reserves and Beaches Bylaw

f)     Dunedin Destination Plan

g)     Safety Concerns on Boundary Street and Hill Street, Purakaunui

h)     Action List.


There was discussion on attendance at the 2017 Community Board Conference and the Chair indicated that he would like to attend.  Ryan Jones also indicated his interest in attending.



Moved (Jan Tucker/Trevor Johnson):

That the Board:


Appoints Steve Walker as its nominated representative to the 2017 Community Boards Conference.


Motion carried (WHCB/2017/005)



Moved (Trevor Johnson/Ange McErlane):

That the Board:


Funds one additional member from its project fund to the 2017 Community Boards Conference.


Motion carried (WHCB/2017/006)



Information was to be obtained on whether members other than Chairs or Deputies could attend the Community Board Chairs training in Gore in March.


There was discussion on issues relating to the Reserves and Beaches Bylaw in respect of horses on beaches and drones, and clarification to be published in the following day's Otago Daily Times.



Discussion turned to Action List items:

·         Port Chalmers Centennial Gardens skateboard area – to be deleted from list

·         Planting of gardens – the Board to be consulted on planting

·         Parking, George Street – to be deleted from list

·         Fencing, State Highway 88 – the Group Manager Transport advised that staff were working with NZTA and it was hoped that it would be done in time for next summer

·         Boundary Road – this matter was progressing

·         Mount Street public car park – It was suggested that a note be published in the Rothesay News reminding people about their obligations with regard to 30 and 60 minute parks.  A letter could also be sent to Port Otago reminding workers not to use parks all day.  It was agreed that this be temporarily placed on hold and feedback be sought via the Rothesay News for the next meeting.


Moved (Trevor Johnson/Jan Tucker):

That the Board:

Reaffirms its support for the Aramoana Pilots Wharf Trust proposal to rebuild the wharf and provides a letter of support for the group.


Motion carried (WHCB/2017/007)



Trevor Johnson provide the following list of vegetation and footpath issues in the Ravensbourne area, which it was agreed should be included on the Action List:

·         Unsealed section of footpath in upper Wanaka Street where repairs have been done.

·         Trees growing over footpath in Upper Wanaka Street need trimming back to the boundary.

·         Traffic travelling south on Manapouri Street and turning into Wanaka Street - visibility blocked by vegetation growing on the bank.

·         Large hole in footpath above Wanaka Street zig zag in Rata Street.

·         Overgrowth on left turn warning sign as motorists come down Wanaka Street to turn into Rata Street.  Sycamore trees also need removed.

·         Toi Tois and flax growing over the footpath at the bottom of Ellesmere Street turning left from Wanaka Street - these should be trimmed back to the boundary.

·         Corner of Adderley Terrace and Junction Road - large shrub growing over the footpath and further up Junction Road trees growing over the footpath in several places.

·         Upper part of Junction Road - a large hawthorn tree growing over the footpath needs trimmed back to the owner's boundary, as do several others of their trees.

·         Sign at the bottom of the Manuka Street zig zag on state highway broken.



Moved (Chairperson Steve Walker/Jan Tucker):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Governance Support Officer's Report.

b)     Amends the Action List as appropriate.

Motion carried (WHCB/2017/008)


7A     Board Representation


Board members provided verbal updates on their areas of responsibility:


a)     Port Environment Liaison Committee


Ange McErlane reported on a proposed mural on a shed project.  The Committee had a meeting scheduled for the following week.


b)     Ravensdown Community Liaison Group


Trevor Johnson advised that the group had not met recently.  There had been difficulty with KiwiRail over the lease of an area of land where it was proposed to relocate the plaque from the Moller monument.


c)     Keep Dunedin Beautiful


Jan Tucker reported the Committee was about to meet for the first time in the current year.  She also commented on a KNZB initiative of a mural in George Street.


d)     Communications/Facebook


Ryan Jones reported on feedback received via social media on the surface of the skate park, Sawyers Bay, litter below Church Road and a broken Port Chalmers information sign.


e)     State Highway 88 Liaison Group


No meeting had yet been held in the current year.


f)     Funding Applications Report Back


Francisca Griffin commented on reports she had received via Raewynne Pedofski from the following grant recipients:  Pioneer Hall, the West Harbour Arts Charitable Trust and West Harbour Beautification Trust.



g)     West Harbour Beautification Trust


Steve Walker reported that there had been no meeting held recently.


h)     Policing Issues


Jan Tucker reported that she had spoken to Police regarding traffic management when large cruise ships were in port.  A 30 km/h speed limit and a temporary one-way for Peninsula Beach Road seemed to help the situation.


i)      Vision Port Chalmers


Jan Tucker reported that the group's website was being given a facelift.  The group was looking at sourcing rata from Project Crimson and was also planning for the Seafood Festival.



8       Communications and Engagement Strategy for the West Harbour Community Board 2017


A report appended a proposed Communications and Engagement Strategy for the West Harbour Community Board prepared for consideration by Ryan Jones.  Also appended was a document used in preparing the proposed strategy.


Ryan Jones advised that he had met with Council Communications staff when preparing the document which focused on three goals: awareness, engagement and education.


A suggestion was made that there needed to be links to funding application forms on the website and outreach in other communities.  It was also suggested that the Board's noticeboard in the hallway of the Port Chalmers Library needed to be reinstated.



Moved (Chairperson Steve Walker/Francisca Griffin):

That the Board:


a)        Adopts the proposed Communications and Engagement Strategy for the West Harbour Community Board 2017

b)        Confirms the allocation of $100 from the Project Fund to a communications budget.

Motion carried (WHCB/2017/009)


9       Community Plan


The draft 2017/18 Community Plan had been circulated. 


Moved (Trevor Johnson/Ryan Jones):

That the Board:


a)     Adopts the updated West Harbour Community Board Community Plan.

Motion carried (WHCB/2017/010)


10     Chairperson's Report


A report from the Chairperson appended an update to the Board on matters dealt with since the last meeting and other matters to be considered. 


a)    Speeding issues - Te Ngaru – this had had a good outcome with 50 km/h signs on the road and residents were happy.

b)    Community Board awards application – it was suggested that the Board's project working with the Council on the sycamore project should be entered.

c)    Moller Arch update- this had struck a hurdle over the amount requested to lease the land.

d)    Flagstaff Point – a meeting had been held with the Acting Group Manager Parks and Recreation and this could be a Lions project.

e)    Pre Annual Plan presentation – this had been circulated for information.

f)    Zone 6 representative - Christine Garey had been the nominated representative.

g)    Potential community award – Ryan Jones had suggested that the Board could organise an annual "good sorts" award recognising people in the community.  It was agreed that Ryan should progress the project.

h)    Port Chalmers cigarette butt issues – a butt bin had been suggested for location outside the municipal building.  The Board supported the proposal.

i)     Correspondence from Aramoana League re Aramoana Playground – this was in the Community Plan and would be actioned when funds became available.

j)     Correspondence from Port Chalmers Senior Citizens re Parking, Grey and Mount Streets, Port Chalmers

Jan Tucker withdrew from the meeting at 7.15 pm as she was patron of the organisation.


Moved (Trevor Johnson/Chairperson Steve Walker):

That the Board:

Supports the application from Port Chalmers Senior Citizens for two mobility car parks to be installed at the bottom of Grey Street (opposite the hall main entrance).

Motion carried (WHCB/2017/011)


Jan Tucker returned to the meeting at 7.17 pm.

k)    Albertson Avenue Garden – this needed tidying and a tree needed removal.  Jan Tucker was delegated to action this.

l)     Discretionary Funding workshop – this had been held for Community Board Chairs in order to create consistency across the Boards with regard to application forms, criteria, reporting back etc.  Applications would now be accepted every second meeting.  The Chair thanked Kristy Rusher and Christine Garey for facilitating this workshop.

m)  Thanks were extended to Richard Saunders and Jendi Paterson for the recent workshop they conducted for the Board on Transport and Parks issues.

n)    Port Chalmers Maritime Museum – consideration was to be given to the retention of life membership by the Board.

o)    Pool mural – the Chairperson would be meeting with the Community Pools Supervisor on Friday 10 February about a possible mural at the Port Chalmers Pool.



Moved (Chairperson Steve Walker/Jan Tucker):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the report from the Chairperson for February 2017.

Motion carried (WHCB/2017/012)


11     Council Activities


The Chairperson read a report provided by Councillor Aaron Hawkins on the following matters of interest:


·         Draft Annual Plan

·         2GP

·         Reserves and Beaches Bylaw

·         The Council purchase of the "Sammy's" building.

Jan Tucker would attend the Merchant Navy Memorial Service on 12 February 2017 on behalf of the Board.



Moved (Chairperson Steve Walker/Ange McErlane):

That the Board:

Notes the report.


Motion carried (WHCB/2017/013)


12     Items for Consideration by the Chair


The following items were notified for consideration:


·         Jan Tucker asked for information on Port Chalmers swimming pool hours for the 2017/18 season.

·         Delta would be asked for an update on timelines for power pole replacement and clearance of vegetation around power lines in the Board area.



The meeting concluded at 7.35 pm.