Notice of Meeting:

I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Grants Subcommittee will be held on:


Date:                             Monday 13 March 2017

Time:                            10.00am

Venue:                          Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon, Dunedin


Sue Bidrose

Chief Executive Officer


Grants Subcommittee






Aaron Hawkins


Deputy Chairperson




Andrew Whiley

John Barkla


Marie Laufiso

Jonathon Hendry


Christine Garey

Nick Austin


Leanne Phillips

Desiree Williams


Amanda Dyer

Hannah Molloy


Lois Scott



Senior Officer                               Joy Gunn, Manager Events and Community Development


Governance Support Officer      Arlene Goss




Arlene Goss

Governance Support Officer



Telephone: 03 477 4000








Note: Reports and recommendations contained in this agenda are not to be considered as Council policy until adopted.


Grants Subcommittee

13 March 2017




ITEM TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                   PAGE



1        Apologies                                                                                                  4

2        Confirmation of Agenda                                                                              4

3        Declaration of Interest                                                                                4                  

Resolution to Exclude the Public                                                                               5



Grants Subcommittee

13 March 2017




1     Apologies

At the close of the agenda no apologies had been received.

2     Confirmation of agenda

Note: Any additions must be approved by resolution with an explanation as to why they cannot be delayed until a future meeting.

3     Declaration of Interest

There were no new declarations of interest.


Grants Subcommittee

13 March 2017



Resolution to Exclude the Public



That the Grants Subcommittee:


Pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, exclude the public from the following part of the proceedings of this meeting namely:


General subject of the matter to be considered


Reasons for passing this resolution in relation to each matter

Ground(s) under section 48(1) for the passing of this resolution


Reason for Confidentiality

C1  Selection of Community Representatives for Grants Subcommittee


The withholding of the information is necessary to protect the privacy of natural persons, including that of a deceased person.


The public conduct of the part of the meeting would be likely to result in the disclosure of information for which good reason for withholding exists under section 7.

The subcommittee is considering applications from the community, containing personal information.

This resolution is made in reliance on Section 48(1)(a) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, and the particular interest or interests protected by Section 6 or Section 7 of that Act, or Section 6 or Section 7 or Section 9 of the Official Information Act 1982, as the case may require, which would be prejudiced by the holding of the whole or the relevant part of the proceedings of the meeting in public are as shown above after each item.