Grants Subcommittee



Unconfirmed minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Grants Subcommittee held in the Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon, Dunedin on Monday 13 March 2017, commencing at 10.00 am





Aaron Hawkins


Deputy Chairperson

Andrew Whiley



Christine Garey



Kate Wilson



Dave Cull (ex officio member)





Joy Gunn (Events and Community Development Manager), Paul Coffey (Senior Community Advisor), Cara Paterson (Community Advisor – Arts) and Sandy Graham (General Manager Strategy and Governance).


Governance Support Officer      Arlene Goss




1       Public Forum

There was no public forum.   


2       Apologies

Moved (Cr Aaron Hawkins/Cr Kate Wilson):


That the Grants Subcommittee accepts an apology from Cr Marie Laufiso.


Motion carried



3       Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Cr Aaron Hawkins/Cr Kate Wilson):

That the Subcommittee:


Confirms the agenda without addition or alteration.


Motion carried



4       Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.


There were no new declarations of interest.                    


Resolution to exclude the public

Moved (Cr Kate Wilson/Cr Aaron Hawkins):

That the Subcommittee:


Pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, exclude the public from the following part of the proceedings of this meeting namely:


General subject of the matter to be considered

Reasons for passing this resolution in relation to each matter

Ground(s) under section 48(1) for the passing of this resolution


Reason for Confidentiality

C1  Selection of Community Representatives for Grants Subcommittee


The withholding of the information is necessary to protect the privacy of natural persons, including that of a deceased person.



The public conduct of the part of the meeting would be likely to result in the disclosure of information for which good reason for withholding exists under section 7.

The meeting includes the discussion of individual applicants for positions on the subcommittee.

This resolution is made in reliance on Section 48(1)(a) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, and the particular interest or interests protected by Section 6 or Section 7 of that Act, or Section 6 or Section 7 or Section 9 of the Official Information Act 1982, as the case may require, which would be prejudiced by the holding of the whole or the relevant part of the proceedings of the meeting in public are as shown above after each item.


Motion carried