Infrastructure Services and Networks Committee



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Infrastructure Services and Networks Committee held in the Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon, Dunedin on Monday 10 April 2017, commencing at 1.11 pm





Cr Kate Wilson


Deputy Chairperson

Cr Jim O'Malley



Cr David Benson-Pope

Mayor Dave Cull


Cr Christine Garey

Cr Aaron Hawkins


Cr Doug Hall

Cr Marie Laufiso


Cr Mike Lord

Cr Damian Newell


Cr Chris Staynes

Cr Conrad Stedman


Cr Lee Vandervis

Cr Andrew Whiley




Ruth Stokes (General Manager, Infrastructure and Networks), Sue Bidrose (Chief Executive Officer), Tom Dyer (Acting Group Manager Parks and Recreation), Jendi Paterson (Recreation Planning and Facilities Manager), Tracey Tamakehu (Acting Chief Information Officer), Bruce Hall (Information Support), Richard Saunders (Acting Group Manager, Transport), Angus Ballad (Asset Supervisor, Transport), Kristy Rusher (Manager, Civic and Legal) and Andrea Jones (Communications Team Leader)


Governance Support Officer      Wendy Collard



1       Public Forum

1.1    Sarah Nitis, Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board


On behalf of the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board, Sarah Nitis addressed the meeting on the proposed Mosgiel aquatics facility and surrounding reserves


Ms Nitis advised that the Board had concerns regarding the timeline for the design and they felt that as this was a Council/community partnership that there needed to be clear expectations. 


Ms Nitis responded to questions on the project going forward in particular the role that the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board could take.

        1.2    David Young, Mosgiel Football Club


On behalf of the Mosgiel Football Club, David Young addressed the meeting on the proposed Mosgiel Aquatics facility.  Mr Young provided background information of the Mosgiel Football Club which included the length the Club had been operating and its association with Memorial Park; along with the number of teams playing this season and throughout the year.


Mr Young commented on the Club's concerns which included the possible loss of both their designated training pitch and any full sized pitches.  He advised that the Club recognised the importance of a new Mosgiel Aquatics facility; however he requested that the impact on Memorial Park to be minimised.


        1.3    Taieri Community Facilities Trust


Irene Mosley and Bill Feather, Taieri Community Facilities Trust (Trust) addressed the meeting regarding the Mosgiel Pool Site and Next Steps Report.  Mrs Mosley provided a background to the recommended site; the design concept plans and the costings which she felt were accurate. 

Mr Feather spoke on the process that had been followed to identify the recommended site which included the surveys and communication undertaken and the investigations into the underground infrastructure within Memorial Park.

Mrs Mosley and Mr Feather advised that the Trust supported the recommendation contained with the "Mosgiel Pool Site and Next Steps" report.

                1.4    Lyndon Weggery


Mr Weggery tabled and addressed the meeting on sea/groundwater levels in South Dunedin which included the current Otago Regional Council monitoring and a public meeting that the Greater South Dunedin Action Group to be held in June 2017.


2       Apologies

An apology was received from Cr Rachel Elder.


Moved (Cr Kate Wilson/Cr Andrew Whiley)


That the Committee:


Accepts the apology from Cr Rachel Elder.


Motion carried


3       Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Cr Kate Wilson/Cr Mike Lord):

That the Committee:


Confirms the agenda with the following alterations:


a)        In regard to Standing Order 21.1, Option C be adopted in relation to moving and seconding and speaking to amendments.


Motion carried (INF/2017/010)



4       Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.


Councillor Chris Staynes provided an update to his register of interest.



Moved (Chairperson Kate Wilson/Deputy Chairperson Jim O'Malley):

That the Committee:


a)     Amends the Elected Members' Interest Register attached as Attachment A; and

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (INF/2017/011)


Part A Reports

5       Mosgiel Pool Site and Next Steps


A report from Parks and Recreation sought confirmation of the existing Mosgiel pool site and immediately surrounding area as the preferred site for the development of a new aquatic facility in Mosgiel.

The report noted that the site recommendation was based on feedback from a number of public consultation processes completed since 2012, analysis of infrastructure provision and the proposed development’s effect on existing recreational spaces.  It also noted that confirmation of the site would enable refinement of design concepts and assist the Taieri Community Facilities Trust (the Trust) in progressing fundraising efforts.

The Acting Group Manager, Parks and Recreation (Tom Dyer) and the Recreation Planning and Facilities Manager (Jendi Paterson) responded to questions on next steps in particular the timeline for staff to reporting back to the Committee on design concepts.


Moved (Deputy Chairperson Jim O'Malley/Cr Doug Hall):

That the Committee:


a)     Approves the existing Mosgiel pool site and immediately surrounding area as the preferred site for the development of a new aquatic facility in Mosgiel.

b)     Acknowledges the continued commitment of the Taieri Community Facilities Trust to the project.

Motion carried (INF/2017/012)Division

That the Council


Votes by division.


For:          Crs Marie Laufiso, Kate Wilson, Jim O'Malley, Dave Cull, Chris Staynes, David Benson-Pope, Christine Garey, Aaron Hawkins, Mike Lord, Lee Vandervis, Doug Hall, Damian Newell, Conrad Stedman and Andrew Whiley (14).

Against:     Nil


The division was declared CARRIED by 14 votes to 0



6       Road names to add to the road name register


                       A report from Information Services advised that in November 2011, the Infrastructure Services Committee (the Committee) created a list of approved names for future road naming opportunities.  It noted that the development of the Road Name Register was an iterative process and members of the public, Councillors and staff were encouraged to propose names for inclusion on the register.  The report presented the latest list of suggested road names as put forward by members of the public and staff.

The Acting Chief Information Officer (Tracey Tamakehu) spoke to the report and advised that any further iterations of Road Names to add to the Road Register must be approved by the Infrastructure Services Committee.



Moved (Cr Lee Vandervis/Cr Chris Staynes):

That the Committee:


a)     Approves the presented names for inclusion on the Road Name Register.

Motion carried (INF/2017/013)


7       Proposal to name Private Way off Chadwick Street, Fairfield


A report from Information Services provided the options for the naming of a private way off Chadwick Street as part of an industrial development by JPD Trustee Limited and Trevor Cockburn. It noted that the developer's preference complied with the Dunedin City Council Road Naming Policy.



Moved (Cr Lee Vandervis/Mayor Dave Cull):

That the Committee:


a)     Approves the naming of a new private way off Chadwick Street as "Cleveland Close".

Motion carried (INF/2017/014)


8       Proposed Road Stopping - Beaconsfield Road, Portobello


A report from Transport advised that the owner of 1 McAuley Road, Portobello, had applied to have a portion of unformed legal road adjoining the property stopped and amalgamated with their property. 

The report also sought a resolution to issue public notice of the Council’s intention to stop the road, under section 342 and Schedule 10 of the Local Government Act 1974.



Moved (Cr Lee Vandervis/Cr Andrew Whiley):

That the Committee:


a)     Approves the publishing of a public notice advertising the intention to stop a portion of legal road adjacent to 1 McAuley Road, Dunedin, subject to the applicant agreeing to:

i)      Pay the Council the non-refundable fee for processing the stopping

ii)     Pay the Council the actual costs involved in the stopping, regardless of whether or not the stopping reaches a conclusion, OR the value of the stopped road, assessed by the Council’s valuer, whichever is the greater amount

iii)    Amalgamate the stopped portion of the road with the title of the adjacent land that is owned by the applicant, namely  OT79/116

iv)    Accept the application of the standards contained within the Dunedin City Council Code for Subdivision and Development to the stopped road

v)     Register an easement upon the stopped portion of the road for the benefit of any utility companies that have assets located on, over, or under that land.

Motion carried (INF/2017/015)


9       Items for Consideration by the Chair


Councillor Benson-Pope requested a report which outlined the process for the community to request consideration for the lowering of speed limits in specific streets.


Councillor Whiley requested a report which outlined the timeline of all the decisions that have been made for the Mosgiel Pool including a summary.  The Chair advised she would provide a link to previous reports.



The meeting concluded at 3.04 pm.