Otago Peninsula Community Board



Unconfirmed minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Otago Peninsula Community Board held in the Portobello Bowling Club, Sherwood Street, Portobello on Thursday 20 April 2017, commencing at 10.00 am





Paul Pope


Deputy Chairperson

Hoani Langsbury



Lox Kellas



Christine Neill





Richard Saunders (Group Manager Transport) and Tom Dyer (Acting Group Manager Parks and Recreation)


Governance Support Officer      Pam Jordan



1       Opening

Paul Pope opened the meeting with a reflection.

2       Public Forum

This item can now be found following item 9.


3       Apologies


Moved (Lox Kellas/Hoani Langsbury):

That the Board:


Accepts the apologies from Cr Andrew Whiley, Edna Stevenson and Graham McArthur.


Motion carried (OPCB/2017/019)


4       Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Christine Neill/Lox Kellas):

That the Board:


Confirms the agenda, with the public forum to be held when the speaker arrives.


Motion carried (OPCB/2017/020)



5       Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.


Paul Pope declared that he was a member of the organising committee for Wild Dunedin.



Moved (Christine Neill/Lox Kellas):

That the Board:


a)     Amends the Elected Members' Interest Register attached as Attachment A of the report; and

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (OPCB/2017/021)


6       Confirmation of Minutes

6.1    Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting - 9 March 2017


Moved (Christine Neill/Lox Kellas):

That the Board:


Confirms the minutes of the Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting held on 9 March 2017 as a correct record.


Motion carried (OPCB/2017/022)


Part A Reports

7       Governance Support Officer's Report


The report informed the Otago Peninsula Community Board of activities relevant to the Board area including:

a)     Project Fund

b)     Scholarship Fund

c)     2017 Community Boards Conference

d)     Correspondence

e)     Draft Long Term Plan Template

f)     Slip Locations

g)     Action List.


Work on the two car slip on Highcliff Road was now complete and could be deleted from the Action List.


The pull-off areas had been split into two different packages.


Designs for the Peninsula Connection project were expected to be confirmed soon and would be brought back to the Board.  Tenders would be sought over the next couple of months with work expected to start in September/October.  A meeting had been held with NZTA and Spokes to discuss the design. The outcome of the project was to ensure that Portobello Road was improved for all road users.  The Chair also confirmed he had discussed the visibility of cyclists issue with Spokes.


Other slips on Highcliff Road had also happened recently and it was intended to put all remaining slips into one package for remediation.  Safety barriers would also be included in the tender.  It was intended to hold a public meeting at Pukehiki to explain what was being done.  Work would take place over winter.


Logging of maintenance issues was to be deleted from the Action List.


A meeting would be held with interested parties over winter to present options for Wellers Rock parking.


The Group Manager Transport updated the Board about issues that had arisen as a result of the weather the previous weekend and remediation work that was being done.


The Tidewater Drive culvert was working as it should.


There was discussion on the forthcoming review of the Freedom Camping Bylaw.  Hoani Langsbury commented on problems with freedom camping in the carpark at Pukekura.  It was suggested that the security contractors that enforced the bylaw should be random in their visits rather than adhering to a timetable.  With regard to the provision of bins for freedom campers, it was suggested that these could be located at Pukehiki and Vauxhall for people entering and exiting the Peninsula.  Parks and Recreation staff would consider the matter of waste disposal on the Peninsula during the camping season and this would be added to the Action List.  Te Rauone was also suggested as a possible location.  A request was made for consideration of compaction bins and combination recycling facilities.


The Chairperson had contacted the Department of Conservation regarding a toilet at Sandfly Bay and a meeting would be arranged.


An update was given on progress with the Reserves and Beaches Bylaw.


There was discussion on the playground review and a request was made for an update on playgrounds in the Board area and equipment removal for the next meeting.


The matter of pest management (both animals and plants) was discussed and the Chairperson advised that he had asked staff to include this in the Council's submission to the Otago Regional Council Annual Plan and he would also include it in the Board's submission.


Other matters drawn to the attention of staff included the state of the Portobello Domain building and entrance road, and the need for trimming of vegetation on the footpath at Broad Bay Beach.  Staff were thanked for replanting trees at Portobello Domain.



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Christine Neill):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Governance Support Officer's Report.

b)     Approves the expenditure of $190.00 (including GST) on an Anzac Day wreath.

c)     Approves Lox Kellas being the Board's second representative at the national Community Boards Conference.

d)     Amends the Action List as appropriate.

Motion carried (OPCB/2017/023)


8       Funding Application - Hereweka Harbour Cone Trust


A funding application was received from the Hereweka Harbour Cone Trust for the reconstruction of the old access road to the 1870 Larnach Model Farmstead buildings.


Paul Pope declared an interest as a trustee of the Hereweka Harbour Cone Trust and withdrew from the meeting at 10.30 am.  Hoani Langsbury took the chair.



Moved (Hoani Langsbury/ Christine Neill):

That the Board:


a)     Grants the funding application from the Hereweka Harbour Cone Trust for $1,000.00 towards the reconstruction of the old access road to the 1870 Larnach Model Farmstead buildings.

Motion carried (OPCB/2017/024)


Paul Pope returned to the meeting at 10.39 am and resumed the chair.


9       Funding Application - Otago Harbour Ferry Inc


A funding application was received from Otago Harbour Ferry Inc for an inclining test for the "Elsie Evans".


It was noted that there appeared to be two projects: an inclining test and anti-fouling.  It was suggested that the group needed to provide more details.



Moved (Lox Kellas/Hoani Langsbury):

That the Board:


a)     Defers the funding application from Otago Harbour Ferry Inc for an inclining test for the "Elsie Evans" until the new financial year and further clarification be sought on the purpose of the application.

Motion carried (OPCB/2017/025)


7       Public Forum

2.1    Board Scholarship Recipient - Georgia Pope


Georgia Pope, Board Scholarship recipient, addressed the meeting concerning her Otago Girls' High School World Challenge expedition to Thailand and Cambodia for a month over the previous Christmas holidays.  She outlined the skills she had learned as part of the project relating to travel, budgeting and interacting with other people.  She also described the activities the group had undertaken, including a trek, community service at a school, and visiting tourist attractions.  Georgia reported that she had participated in everything and gained new friendships and skills from the experience.  She thanked the Board for its support.


10     Working Parties/Board Area Liaison Updates


a)     Keep Dunedin Beautiful


There was no update in Graham McArthur's absence.




b)     Rural Roads Update


Matters had been discussed as part of the Governance Support Officer's Report.




c)      Area Updates


Board members advised of the good turnout at the recent Te Rauone meeting and the forthcoming meeting with engineers, and the community engagement meeting held at Pukehiki regarding the Annual Plan.  There was discussion on appropriate signage for pull-over areas and the Group Manager Transport advised that these would be in accordance with national standards and early warning signs would also be installed.  Recycling issues at Pukehiki were on-going, with people from outside the area continuing to dump rubbish at the site, and possible solutions were being discussed with staff.


11     Community Plan


A new template had been circulated as part of the Governance Support Officer's Report for updating.  The Chairperson asked members to send him issues for inclusion and he would put together a draft for consideration at the next meeting on 25 May 2017. 

An emergency response plan for the Board would also be discussed at this meeting.


12     Chairperson's Report


A report from the Chairperson updated the Board on matters dealt with since the last meeting and other matters to be considered.  These included:

a)    Rubbish bins for camper van rubbish at Taiaroa Head and other areas of the Peninsula

b)    Public Toilets at Taiaroa Head and Sandfly Bay

c)    Community Plan

d)    Highcliff Road Upgrades and Repairs

e)    Fly tipping monitoring on the Peninsula

f)    Closure of the Marine Lab Wharf to the Public

g)    Heritage Festival

h)    Meeting with the Digital Trust 19 May 2017

i)     Board Member Clinics Dates

j)     Biodiversity Forum

k)    Tourist Operators Forum

l)     Civil Defence Emergency Response Plan

m)  Otago Regional Council Annual Plan Submission

Some of the topics had already been covered elsewhere in the agenda.

The Chairperson advised that he would write to the University to find out about access to the Marine Laboratory wharf.

He asked Board members to choose dates for the Board clinics in the areas for which they had responsibility and noted that the Macandrew Bay clinic would be held that evening in conjunction with the Annual Plan community engagement meeting.

It was agreed that the proposed Biodiversity Forum would be held in September.  The meeting with tourist operators would be held on 24 May.

The meeting with Spokes would now be held at the 6 July meeting.


Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Hoani Langsbury):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the report from the Chairperson for April 2017.

Motion carried (OPCB/2017/026)


13     Council Activities


Councillor Andrew Whiley had provided an update via email which covered the following topics:


·         Reserves and Beaches Bylaw

·         Public Art Framework

·         Numbers of building consents issued

·         Dunedin tourism marketing

·         Dunedin Destination Plan consultation

·         Annual Plan community engagement.


Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Lox Kellas):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Council Activities report for April 2017.

Motion carried (OPCB/2017/027)



The matter of a comment reported as being made at a resource consent hearing for an Otago Peninsula property regarding the impact of urbanisation on wildlife was raised.  The Group Manager Transport advised that he would discuss this with the Group Manager Community and Planning.


14     Items for Consideration by the Chair


There were no items notified.




The meeting concluded at 11.47 am.