West Harbour Community Board



Confirmed minutes of an ordinary meeting of the West Harbour Community Board held in the Rolfe Room, Port Chalmers Town Hall, Port Chalmers on Wednesday 19 July 2017, commencing at 5.30 pm





Trevor Johnson






Francisca Griffin

Ange McErlane


Ryan Jones

Jan Tucker




Kristy Rusher (Manager Civic and Legal), Bernie Hawke (Group Manager Arts and Culture) and Bruce Hall (Information Support)


Governance Support Officer      Kristy Rusher


Senior Staff Member                   Kristy Rusher



1       Public Forum

1.1    Public Forum - Back Beach Issues


        Alice Bartlett addressed the meeting concerning Back Beach Issues:

i.  Repair of fencing to protect plantings

ii.  Sycamore and other weed infestation.

Board members asked questions of Ms Bartlett.  The Board advised Ms Bartlett that the land she was referring to may not be under the administration of the Council.  She was advised to check land ownership and the reserve management plan for the area.  In respect of the ideas to beautify this area with the assistance of school children she was referred to the Department of Conservation and the Council's reserves team and Port Otago.  The Board expressed their appreciation for her support of beautification of the Back Beach area and Member McErlane noted her concerns to raise at the next meeting of the Port Environment Liaison Committee.


1.2    Public Forum - Scholarship Recipient, Annabelle Latta


Annabelle Latta, Board Scholarship recipient, reported back to the Board on her Spanish language study trip.  Ms Latta presented a PowerPoint presentation showing the highlights of her recent travel.  She expressed her appreciation to the Board for selecting her as a scholarship recipient, and advised that the trip had benefitted her immensely by broadening her horizons and improving her Spanish.

   2    Apologies

Chairperson Steve Walker and Councillor Aaron Hawkins advised they were unable to attend the meeting.


Moved (Trevor Johnson/Francisca Griffin):

That the Board:


        Accepts the apologies from Chairperson Steve Walker and Councillor Aaron     Hawkins.


        Motion carried (WHCB/2017/038)


3       Confirmation of agenda


Moved (Trevor Johnson/Jan Tucker):


        That the Board:  


        Confirms the agenda without addition or alteration.


Motion carried (WHCB/2017/039)



4       Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.




Moved (Trevor Johnson/Ryan Jones):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Elected Members' Interest Register attached as Attachment A; and

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (WHCB/2017/040)


5       Confirmation of Minutes

5.1    West Harbour Community Board meeting - 31 May 2017


One amendment to the minutes was noted.  It was recorded that the description of the volume of soil needing to be relocated by Port Otago was 43,000 cubic metres (underlined text to be inserted).


Moved (Trevor Johnson/Jan Tucker):

That the Board:


Confirms the minutes of the West Harbour Community Board meeting held on 31 May 2017 as a correct record.


Motion carried (WHCB/2017/041)


6       Proposal to Name a New Private Way off Glendermid Close, Sawyers Bay.


The report presented options for the naming of a new private way off Glendermid Close as part of a residential development by Sawyers Bay Ridge Limited.  The developer's preference of road name complied with the Dunedin City Council Road Naming Policy. The support of the West Harbour Community Board was sought for the name prior to its consideration by the Infrastructure Services and Networks Committee.


Moved (Jan Tucker/Ange McErlane):

That the Board:


a)     Supports the naming of a new private way off Glendermid Close as "Goddards Way".

Motion carried (WHCB/2017/042)


7       Library Activity Report


The report provided a summary of the activities of the Dunedin Public Libraries for the period 1 April to 31 May 2017 with statistics covering the period from 1 July 2016 to 31 May 2017.


Moved (Trevor Johnson/Ange McErlane):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Library Activity Report

b)     Requests that address labels on library correspondence are updated to use   the Board's correct name.


Motion carried (WHCB/2017/043)


8       Public Art Framework Engagement


Bernie Hawke (Group Manager Arts and Culture) attended to provide a presentation on the Public Art Framework and to invite the Board to suggest areas that may be suitable for the location of Public Art.


Moved (Jan Tucker/Ryan Jones):

That the Board:


a)     Agrees that it supports the framework in principle.

b)     Notes the opportunity to make a submission on the Public Art Framework and that an extension to the submission date would be sought to permit consideration of the draft submission at the next Board meeting.

Motion carried (WHCB/2017/044)


9       Governance Support Officer's Report


The report informed the West Harbour Community Board of activities relevant to the Board area including:

a)     Project Fund – the available balance of $10,000 was noted.

b)     Action List



The Governance Support Officer also advised that adjustments could be made to the form and structure of the agenda documents.  Board members were requested to advise of changes they wished to make to their Chairperson by email.



Moved (Trevor Johnson/Francisca Griffin):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Governance Support Officer's Report

b)     Amends the Action List as appropriate and in particular:

        (i) to update the request for the bus shelter at St Leonards be adjusted to state that the Bus Shelter is placed on an angle that makes passengers visible to the bus driver travelling from Port Chalmers to Dunedin City. 

        (ii) to replace/update the picnic table at Back Beach.

        (iii)   to request the trees in water at St Leonard's are trimmed/removed.

        (iv)   the gutters and vegetation are maintained at Mount Street.

Motion carried (WHCB/2017/045)


10     Draft West Harbour Long Term Community Plan


Community Boards were asked to identify their long term projects/focus under sections 4 and 5 by the end of June 2017 for inclusion in the Council 2018-27 Long Term Plan (Attachment A).

Section 4 of the community plan asked for high level, broad projects such as the effective management of freedom camping issues or greater opportunities for youth (as examples).  Section 5 asked for specific actions to make these happen, and when the Board planned to achieve them.

The next step is for the West Harbour Community Board to approve a community engagement plan.  It is proposed to hold a workshop for the Chairs of all Boards on 21 July 2017.  The Board will consider its engagement plan at its August meeting.


Moved (Trevor Johnson/Jan Tucker):

That the Board:


a)      Agrees that Sections 4 and 5 of the draft West Harbour Long Term Community Plan be submitted to Council for inclusion in the draft Dunedin City Council 2018-27 Long Term Plan.

b)     Notes it will consider a community engagement plan for the draft West Harbour Long Term Community Plan at its meeting on 30 August 2017.

c)      Notes that community feedback will be taken into account by Council in the preparation of the draft 2018-27 Long Term Community Plan.

Motion carried (WHCB/2017/046)


11     Board Representation and Areas of Responsibility


Board Members gave verbal reports on their areas of responsibility as follows:


a)     Port Environment Liaison Committee – The member noted that a new Chief Executive had been appointed to Port Otago.  The status of the mural project  needed to be clarified, as it was noted at that meeting that the planned wall had   special requirements for preparation prior to any painting to be done on the walls, which may not have been included in the original budget.


b)     Ravensdown Community Liaison Group - no meetings had been held since last         Board meeting.


c)     Keep Dunedin Beautiful – Ashley Muston may be back part time which will assist with initiatives such as Graffitti management.  KDB is hoping to restore the prior levels of Graffiti control.


d)     Communications/Facebook – there had been a positive response to new park bench at Hudson Park.  The slide is being replaced in the next few weeks.  The member noted the unfortunate timing as the slide was removed in the first week of school holidays.  There was a request for members to attend senior citizens engagement forum at a senior citizens meetings held Tuesday 1.45 pm for face to face clinics/meetings.  Dates to be circulated on email by the member.


e)     State Highway 88 Liaison Group – No meeting had been held.


f)     Funding Applications Report Back – Sarah Latta is scheduled to provide a report       on her recent trip to Los Angeles at the next meeting of the Board.


g)     West Harbour Beautification Trust – The board noted the success of the planter      boxes which had enhanced the appearance of the main street.


h)     Policing Issues – Jason Guthrie was invited to attend the Board meeting of 30 August 2017.  Members would request that better holiday/leave arrangements need to be made at the local station so that the same level of service was maintained when officers were on leave.





Moved (Trevor Johnson/ Jan Tucker):

That the Board:

        a)     Notes the reports from members.


Motion carried (WHCB/2017/047)




12     Deputy Chairperson's Report


The Deputy Chairperson thanked members McErlane and Jones for their efforts in arranging the bench in Ravensbourne.

The Deputy Chairperson provided an update on the following items of interest:

a)     Iona Church Management Trust request – The Trust had requested a representative from the Board attend Trust meetings. 


Moved (Trevor Johnson/Francisca Griffin):

That the Board:


a)     Appoints member Jan Tucker to be the representative for the West Harbour Community Board at Iona Trust meetings.


                   Motion carried (WHCB/2017/048)



b)     Letter of support for Port Chalmers Maritime Museum


Moved (Trevor Johnson/Ryan Jones):

That the Board:

a)     Endorses the letter of support for the Port Chalmers Maritime Museum.

          Motion carried (WHCB/2017/049)



c)     A letter of support for Port Chalmers Yacht Club submission to Otago Regional Council would be considered at the 30 August meeting of the Board.


Moved (Trevor Johnson/ Ange McErlane):

That the Board:


a)                  Agrees that the letter of support will be considered at the Board's meeting of 30 August 2017.

         Motion carried (WHCB/2017/050)



d)     Seats at Back Beach and Ravensbourne

e)     Harbour City Heritage Festival an approach from Ann Barsby had been made to enquire about funding that may be available to support festival activities.

f)     Walkway in West Harbour from Maia to Gerrys Rock.  An approach from Jim McQuillan, Retired Folk Tramping Club was made.  The Deputy Chairperson advised that he will invite Mr McQuillan to speak at the public forum for the next Board meeting.


Moved (Trevor Johnson/ Ange McErlane):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the report from the Deputy Chairperson for July 2017.

Motion carried (WHCB/2017/051)


13     Council Activities


No update was provided from Councillor Aaron Hawkins due to his absence.


14     Items for Consideration by the Chair


·                Housing New Zealand representative is to be invited to a future meeting to advise on use of public housing in Port Chalmers


·                Cam McCracken is to be invited to the next meeting to discuss other opportunities for public art in the West Harbour area.




The meeting concluded at 7:02pm.