Strath Taieri Community Board



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Strath Taieri Community Board held in the Strath Taieri Community Centre, Middlemarch on Thursday 07 September 2017, commencing at 3.30 pm





Barry Williams


Deputy Chairperson

Joan Wilson



David Frew

Norma Emerson


Jacinta Stevenson

Cr Christine Garey







Sandy Graham (Group Manager Strategy and Governance) and Josh Von Pein (Transport Delivery Manager Road Maintenance)


Governance Support Officer Jennifer Lapham




1 Public Forum

1.1 Public Forum - Middlemarch Golf Club


Mr Ken Jones was in attendance to speak to the funding application from the Middlemarch Golf Club. Mr Jones advised that late in 2016 the water tank had disintegrated and required replacement. Temporary measures had been put in place to cover the summer period but now the club wished to put in a permanent replacement that would be more efficient and less costly to run.

Mr Jones advised that the water was essential to the running of the golf club and also was required by the community groups who rented the facilities.


2 Apologies

An apology for lateness was received from Bevan Dowling.


It was moved (Frew/Wilson)


a) Accepts the apology for lateness from Bevan Dowling.


Motion carried


3 Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Joan Wilson/Norma Emerson):

That the Board:


Confirms the agenda without addition or alteration


Motion carried (STCB/2017/045)



4 Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.



Moved (Jacinta Stevenson/Christine Garey):

That the Board:


a) Notes if necessary the Elected Members' Interest Register attached as Attachment A; and

b) Notes the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (STCB/2017/046)

5 Confirmation of Minutes

5.1 Strath Taieri Community Board meeting - 6 July 2017


Moved (Joan Wilson/David Frew):

That the Board:


Confirms the public part of the minutes of the Strath Taieri Community Board meeting held on 6 July 2017 as a correct record


Motion carried (STCB/2017/047)


Part A Reports

6 Project Fund Applications


Moved (Christine Garey/Norma Emerson):

That the Board:

a) Uplifts the Middlemarch Golf Club application from the table.

Motion carried (STCB/2017/048)



Consideration was given to the application from the Middlemarch Golf Club. The Club applied for $2000.00 towards the cost of the full replacement of the damaged main irrigation storage tank.



Moved (David Frew/Norma Emerson):

That the Board:


a) Approves the funding application from the Middlemarch Golf Club for $2,000.00

Motion carried (STCB/2017/049)


7 Transportation Update


The Transport Delivery Manager, Josh Von Pein was in attendance and provided an update on matters of interest including the Sutton Bridge, Lee Stream Bride and Stoker Bridge, as a result of the recent flood event.

In regards to the Sutton Bridge discussions are currently being held with Heritage New Zealand and the contractor. It is hoped that by the end of the month the bridge would be salvaged and stored until a decision was made on the future of the bridge. A report would be prepared for consideration in due course.




8 Wi-Fi Hotspots for Middlemarch


Mrs Emerson advised that the application for funding had been lodged and a decision would be made late October.


Moved (Jacinta Stevenson/David Frew):

That the Board:

a) Notes the report.

Motion carried (STCB/2017/050)




9 Notice of Motion


A Notice of Motion was received from Norma Emerson.


Moved (Norma Emerson/Christine Garey):

That the Board:

a) Enters a vote of no confidence in Board Member, Mr Bevan Dowling, following his conviction for common assault.



That the Council


Votes by division.


For: Norma Emerson and Christine Garey (2).

Against: Barry Williams, Joan Wilson, Jacinta Stevenson and David Frew (4).


The division was declared LOST by 4 votes to 2




Moved (Barry Williams/Joan Wilson):

That the Board:

a) Agrees all comment on this matter be undertaken through the General Manager Strategy and Governance.

Motion carried (STCB/2017/051)



It was noted that at a previous meeting the board had supported a community workshop be held.



Moved Christine Garey/David Frew):

That the Board:

a) Fund the venue and the cost of the supper for the community workshop.

Motion carried (STCB/2017/052)




10 Governance Support Officer's Report


In a report the Governance Support Officer provided an updtate on matters of interest including:

Project Fund

Transport Update

Community Board Executive Committee Update

Festivals and Events Plan Review

Action List



Moved (Joan Wilson/David Frew):

That the Board:


a) Notes the Governance Support Officers Report

b) Agrees the addition of items and removal of completed items on the Action List.

Motion carried (STCB/2017/053)


11 Chairperson's Report


The Chairperson provided an update on the following matters of interest.

Update on Roading Some of the timber from the March Creek Bridge was being used to restore railway wagons at Hyde

Gritting Contract Policy

Report Back on Workshop

Parks and Reserves need to come and re-stake the trees. Also grass cutting and weed spraying around the township should occur in the near future. Staff were requested to liaise with Barry Williams or Joan Wilson,



Moved (Joan Wilson/Jacinta Stevenson):

That the Board:


a) Notes the Chairperson's report.

Motion carried (STCB/2017/054)


12 Council Activities


Cr Garey commented on matters of interest including Camping Control Bylaw Hearing, and Destination Dunedin Plan Hearings.




13 Notification of Agenda Items for Consideration by the Chair


Members requested that a representative from Cemeteries come up to discuss the proposed plans.





The meeting concluded at 4.46 pm.