Gambling and TAB Venues Policy Hearings Committee



Unconfirmed minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Gambling and TAB Venues Policy Hearings Committee held in the Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon, Dunedin, on Tuesday 20 February 2018, commencing at 9.00am





Cr Aaron Hawkins



Cr Marie Laufiso

Cr Conrad Stedman



Adrian Blair (Group Manager, Customer and Regulatory Services) and Kevin Mechen (Alcohol, Psychoactive Drugs and Gambling Advisor)


Governance Support Officers    Rebecca Murray and Jennifer Lapham



1       Declaration of Interest


Moved (Cr Hawkins/Cr Laufiso):

That the Committee:


a)     Notes the Members’ Interest Register; and

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Members’ Interests.

Motion carried (HEAR/2018/003)

2       Summary of Submissions for Review of Gambling and TAB Venue Policy report


        In the above report the Alcohol, Psychoactive Drugs and Gambling Advisor provided a summary of the 56 submissions that were received during the consultation on the proposed Gambling and TAB Venue Policy (GVP).  The GVP is under review, as required by the Gambling Act (the Act).  The formal consultation period ran from 6 November 2017 until 6 December 2017.

        Of the 56 submissions received, 35 (63%) agreed overall with the general direction of the proposed policy, 20 (36%) did not agree and one did not state a view.

        Ten submitters asked to be heard.




3       Submitters


Marita Johnson


Ms Johnson spoke to her submission and commented that she supported the sinking lid.  She spoke of her personal experience on the impact of gambling. 


New Zealand Community Trust – Tanya Piejus


Ms Piejus spoke to the New Zealand Community Trust submission and reiterated points in the submission.  Ms Piejus advised that research conducted last year by Auckland University found that for every problem gambler seven to ten people were effected.  Ms Piejus advised she advocated for the capped rather than the sinking lid.  Electronic gaming machines numbers have declined but problem gambling rates are stable.  If electronic gaming machines declined, there will be less funding available.


Dunedin Netball - Lee-Anne Anderson


Ms Anderson spoke to the Dunedin Netball submission; Ms Anderson commented that she was speaking as a parent, volunteer and participant through various avenues around the city.  She reiterated points in her submission and expressed concern at the potential impact of the lower revenue that could be available for sporting foundations, if a sinking lid was initiated across the city.


Parafed Otago – Duane Donovan


Mr Donovan spoke to and reiterated points in the Parafed Otago submission. 


The Southern Trust – Karen Shea


Ms Shea spoke to The Southern Trust submission and explained how funding works, where it goes and what the impact of funding on the community was.  There is a social responsibility to respond appropriately to the needs of the community.  She advised that an issue with problem gambling is that people were reluctant to seek help.  The Southern Trust supported the status quo and the ability to relocate gaming machine venues.


Pub Charity – Martin Cheer


Ms Shea from The Southern Trust spoke to the Pub Charity submission on behalf of Mr Cheer who was unable to attend the hearing.


Problem Gambling Foundation – Eru Loach


Mr Loach spoke to his submission and commented that Class 4 gambling was the most harmful form of gambling.  Gambling is designed to be addictive and it is the most common cause of harm.  Two in five users develop problems at some point and each problem gambler affects five to ten others.  There are both social costs of harm and personal cost.  82% of adults never use electronic gaming machines.



Moved (Cr Hawkins/Cr Laufiso):

That the Committee:


a)      Adjourn the meeting.

Motion carried (HEAR/2018/004)



The meeting adjourned at 10.35 am and reconvened at 10.50 am.


Class 4 Working Party – Jarrod True 


Mr True spoke to the Class 4 Working Party submission.  He expanded on points in the submission including the worth of a relocation clause in the proposed policy.  He advised that the Christchurch City Council's policy did not have a relocation clause, and as a result a number of establishments closed down after the earthquake, to the detriment of organisations relying on funding.  The unintended consequences of taking away the electronic gaming machines is that internet gambling will be used.  There is no control over this and no return to the community.  The status quo is reasonable.



Moved (Cr Hawkins/Cr  Laufiso):

That the Committee:

a)      Adjourn the meeting.

Motion carried (HEAR/2018/005)



The meeting adjourned at 11.06 am and reconvened at 11.30 am.



The Salvation Army – Oasis – Bronwyn Powell-Grubb


Ms Powell-Grubb spoke to The Salvation Army – Oasis submission. A problem gambler attended with Ms Powell-Grubb and spoke of her story with problem gambling, and answered questions from the Hearings Committee. 



As a result of comments in the submissions, the Hearings Committee asked staff to research the possibility of having a relocation clause in the policy, covering the event of a Natural Disaster or Natural Event.


Moved (Cr Hawkins/Cr Laufiso):

That the Committee:

a)      Adjourn the meeting.

Motion carried (HEAR/2018/006)



The meeting adjourned at 11.42 am and reconvened on 6 March 2018 at 9.00 am.


4       Review of Gambling and TAB Venue Policy


The committee gave consideration to the matters raised in the submissions both verbal and written.

A discussion took place on the information provided by the Alcohol, Psychoactive Drugs and Gambling Advisor, regarding a relocation clause.

The Hearings Committee looked at examples of relocation policies from other districts and accepted there will be circumstances in which it would be reasonable to allow a venue to be relocated.  The Hearings Committee believed such occasions would be rare and recommended relocation only be available when a venue is no longer able to be occupied due to a fire or some natural event or disaster which rendered the premises uninhabitable in the long term. 

Various other conditions recommended for a relocation approval included:

·           The venue operator of the new location must be the same as the former location

·           The maximum number of machines at the new location shall remain the same as     the former location 

·           The new location must not be in any residential or recreational area, near or         adjacent to any school, early childhood facility, place of worship or other         community facility

·           The South Dunedin sinking lid area (defined as Area 1 in the Gambling and TAB Venue Policy adopted on 19 August 2013) is excluded from the relocation         provisions. 

The Hearings Committee found in favour of the proposed policy with the inclusion of a relocation clause.  They considered that the expansion of a sinking lid across the district would not greatly impact on the amount of funding available to the various groups in the community but would ensure no new venues or electronic gaming machines are introduced into the district.


Moved (Cr Laufiso/Cr Stedman):

That the Hearings Committee Recommends:


That the Council:

a)     Adopts the Gambling and TAB Venue Policy with the inclusion of a relocation clause, with a date of effect 21 March 2018.

Motion carried (HEAR/2018/007)



The meeting concluded 9.22am