Saddle Hill Community Board



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Saddle Hill Community Board held in the Sunnyvale Sports Complex, 326 Main South Road, Sunnyvale, Dunedin on Thursday 07 June 2018, commencing at 3.30 pm




Deputy Chairperson

Leanne Stenhouse



Peter Gouverneur

Christina McBratney


Keith McFadyen







Adrian Blair (Group Manager Customer and Regulatory Services), Des Adamson (Business Relationship Manager), Lesley Marriott (Gigcity Project Coordinator), Paul Allen (Emergency Management Officer), Gareth Jones (Contracts Manager Projects and Asset Management), Nick Maguire (Parks Maintenance Team Leader), Jared Oliver (Planning and Delivery Manager) and Josh Von Pein (Transport Delivery Manager)


Governance Support Officer       Lynne Adamson




1       Public Forum

There was no Public Forum.   


2       Apologies


Moved (Leanne Stenhouse/Christina McBratney):

That the Board:


Accepts the apologies from Chairperson Scott Weatherall, Paul Weir and Cr Conrad Stedman.


Motion carried (SHCB/2018/033)




3       Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Leanne Stenhouse/Peter Gouverneur):

That the Board:


Confirms the agenda without addition or alteration


Motion carried (SHCB/2018/034)



4       Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.



Moved (Leanne Stenhouse/Keith McFadyen):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Elected Members' Interest Register; and

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (SHCB/2018/035)


5       Confirmation of Minutes

5.1    Saddle Hill Community Board meeting - 3 May 2018


Moved (Peter Gouverneur/Leanne Stenhouse):

That the Board:


Confirms the minutes of the Saddle Hill Community Board meeting held on 3 May 2018 as a correct record.


 Motion carried (SHCB/2018/036)


Part A Reports

6       Youth Ambassador Award Presentations


The following Youth Ambassador Award applicants will present to the Board for consideration later in the meeting:

·           Madison Roome

        Madison spoke in support of her application and responded to questions.


·           Tahlia Roome

        Tahlia spoke to her application, highlighted her achievements and answered         questions.


·           Jinaya Hancock

        Jinaya was unable to attend the meeting.


·           Rosalind Manowitz

       Rosalind highlighted her achievements in support of her application and then responded to questions.


The applicants were thanked for their presentations and congratulated on their achievements and dedication.


7       Enterprise Dunedin Update


The Business Relationship Manager (Des Adamson) and the Gigcity Project Coordinator (Lesley Marriott) provided an update on Enterprise Dunedin activity which included business vitality; the Economic Development Strategy, GigCity, Rural Broadband and  the increasing presence of the film industry in the city.


Moved (Leanne Stenhouse/Christina McBratney):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Enterprise Dunedin April 2018 update.

Motion carried (SHCB/2018/037)


8       Civil Defence Update


The Emergency Management Officer (Paul Allen) tabled the draft Southern Coastal Community Response Plan for the Board’s consideration and feedback. 

Mr Allen commented that the plan covered the area from Kuri Bush to Waldronville and would be a public education document.

Mr Allen responded to questions on a Board Emergency Management Plan and provided clarification on the purchase of equipment for use in emergency situations.


Moved (Leanne Stenhouse/Keith McFadyen):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Civil Defence update.

Motion carried (SHCB/2018/038)


9       Saddle Hill Community Board Action List


The report provided an update on the Saddle Hill Community Board Action Lists.


The Contracts Manager Projects and Asset Management (Gareth Jones), and Parks Maintenance Team Leader (Nick Maguire) provided an update on Parks items. 

·         Waldronville Pump Station Grounds - staff advised that they would investigate the designation of the site and report back to the Board.  Members would then workshop suggestions for the site and provide the appropriate feedback.

·         Fairfield Reserve renaming – an update will be provided to the Board.

·         Viscount Road Path – in response to a request to gravel the side of an access path from Viscount Road, staff advised that they would investigate the suggestion and report back.

The Planning and Delivery Manager (Jared Oliver) provided an update on the following items of interest:

·         Brighton Domain – draining had been undertaken and the sports fields were in good working condition.

·         Sunnyvale Reserve – two bridges had been ordered for access to the sports fields.

·         Walton Park – there were some issues with sinkholes opening up due to drainage of the sports fields.  These had been assessed and a plan was being finalised to remedy the situation.  Staff would report back to the Board.  Mr Oliver also provided an update on the planting undertaken.

The Transport Delivery Manager (Josh Von Pein) joined Mr Oliver to discuss the following items

·         Vegetation around Big Rock – It was noted that the vegetation around Big Rock, Brighton obscured visibility for motorists accessing Scroggs Hill Road.  This concern would be escalated to the Transport Safety Team for support.

·         Flooding issues at Ocean View and steps being undertaken to rectify the issue.

Mr Von Pein the provided an update on transport matters of interest:

·         Brighton Road pedestrian walkway – Mr Von Pein advised that cats eyes were being installed between Allens Road and Blackhead Road to differentiate the difference between the road and the walkway.

·         Brighton Road Bridge – A steel beam was due to be replaced and it was anticipated the work would be undertaken by the end of July.

·         Brighton Road Bridge near the Green Island Landfill – Work would be carried out on the bridge once the installation of the new roundabout was completed.

·         Green Island Roundabouts – these would be completed by the end of August.

·         Sunnyvale Car Park – Board members requested the potholes in the car park be fixed.

·         Queen Street, Brighton footpaths – Mr Von Pein advised he would speak to his colleagues regarding the request for footpaths in Queen Street and report back.


Moved (Leanne Stenhouse/Peter Gouverneur):

That the Board:


a)     Amends the Action List as appropriate.

Motion carried (SHCB/2018/039)


10     Youth Ambassador Award


A report from Civic advised that the Youth Ambassador Award had been deferred from the previous meeting.  The applications needed to be assessed and the scholarship awarded to the appropriate recipient.


Following a lengthy discussion, it was acknowledged that there had been an extremely high calibre of applications this year therefore as well as awarding the first prize, it was agreed that $250.00 be awarded to each of the highly commended applicants.


Rosalind Manowitz was declared the winner of the $1,000.00 2018 Youth Ambassador Award Scholarship.  Andrew Cromb, Tyler Wilden, Tahlia Roome and Madison Room were named highly commended runner ups and were each awarded $250.00. 


Certificates would be presented and awarded to each of the successful applicants.



Moved (Leanne Stenhouse/Peter Gouverneur):

That the Board:


a)         Receives the applications for the Youth Ambassador Scholarship Award.

b)        Acknowledges the extremely high calibre of applications and thanks those who applied for the scholarship.

c)         Approves the payment of the $1,000.00 Youth Ambassador Scholarship Award to Rosalind Manowitz from the discretionary fund.

d)        Approves the highly commended payments of $250.00 to Andrew Cromb; Tyler Wilden; Tahlia Roome and Madison Roome from the discretionary fund.

Motion carried (SHCB/2018/040)


11     Governance Support Officer's Report


A report from Civic informed the Saddle Hill Community Board of the funding remaining in the discretionary fund.  The report noted that there was $2,017.25 following the payment to the Youth Ambassador Award Scholarship recipient.

It was noted that as there were payments totalling $1,000.00 awarded to the highly commended Youth Ambassador Award recipients, $1,017.25 now remained in the discretionary fund.

There was a discussion on the appropriate use for the remaining funding and it was agreed that it would be used to purchase goods for use in emergency situations.


Moved (Christina McBratney/Keith McFadyen):

That the Board:


a)         Notes the Governance Support Officer's Report;

b)        Approves $1,000.00 for the purchase of equipment to be used in a civil defence emergency.

Motion carried (SHCB/2018/041)


12     Board Updates and Projects


Board members provided updates on activities which included:

-      Keep Dunedin Beautiful

-      OAR Radio

-      Greater Green Island

-      Youth Ambassador Award

-      Community Meetings

-      Civil Defence/Community Response Planning

-      Submissions

-      Long Term Plan – Community Engagement Plan

-       Toy Box Project – Brighton Beach

-      Living Streets Aotearoa



Moved (Leanne Stenhouse/Christina McBratney):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the updates

Motion carried (SHCB/2018/042)


13     Chairperson's Report


The Chairperson (Scott Weatherall) provided a written update on matters of interest:


Moved (Keith McFadyen/Peter Gouverneur):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the report.

Motion carried (SHCB/2018/043)


14     Council Activities


The Ward Councillor (Councillor Conrad Stedman) was absent from the meeting.


15     Items for Consideration by the Chair


The Board requested an update on the Saddle Hill Quarry.




The meeting concluded at 5.36 pm.