West Harbour Community Board



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the West Harbour Community Board held in the Rolfe Room, Port Chalmers Town Hall, Port Chalmers on Wednesday 11 July 2018, commencing at 5.30 pm





Steve Walker



Francisca Griffin

Cr Aaron Hawkins


Ryan Jones

Ange McErlane




Graham McKerracher (Communications and Marketing Manager), Robert West (Group Manager Parks and Recreation) and David Bainbridge (Property Manager)


Governance Support Officer       Jennifer Lapham




1       Public Forum

a)    Stu Neill advised that he lived at Hall Road, Sawyers Bay and was concerned about the state of the road.  He commented that Chorus had created pot holes in the road and these had not been fixed.  He had raised this with a Councillor who had visited the area and advised they would arrange for them to be fixed.  To date no progress had been made.

He also advised that he had received a letter regarding the installation of road humps at the Sawyers Bay roundabout.  He was concerned that this would create difficulties for heavy traffic as the roundabout was designed so they could travel over it.  He felt the better option would be to make the area a school zone and put in speed restrictions.


2       Apologies


Moved (Steve Walker/Aaron Hawkins):

That the Board:


Accepts the apologies from Jan Tucker and Deputy Chairperson Trevor Johnson.


Motion carried (WHCB/2018/039)


3       Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Steve Walker/Aaron Hawkins):

That the Board:


Confirms the agenda with the addition of a Civil Defence update.


Motion carried (WHCB/2018/040)



4       Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.




Moved (Steve Walker/Aaron Hawkins):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Elected Members' Interest Register and

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (WHCB/2018/041)


5       Confirmation of Minutes

5.1    West Harbour Community Board meeting - 6 June 2018


Moved (Steve Walker/Ange McErlane):

That the Board:


Confirms the public part of the minutes of the West Harbour Community Board meeting held on 6 June 2018 as a correct record.


 Motion carried (WHCB/2018/042)

Part A Reports

5.2    Civil Defence Update


The Emergency Management Officer, Paul Allen, was in attendance and provided an update on community preparedness.  He advised that they were setting up community response groups and he is currently engaged with Aramoana. It is intended to develop one for the West Harbour and another for the Purakanui, Long Beach, Osborne area. 


He advised that he would liaise with the Board in setting up the plans, and members should start to think about resources in each area, and any vulnerable communities.





6       Governance Support Officers Report


In a report the Governance Support Officer provided an update on matters of interest including:

·           Project Fund

·           Rothesay News advertisement

·           Correspondence

·           Action List



The Chairperson and Ange McErlane withdrew from the discussion on the Rothesay News advertisement. 



Moved (Ryan Jones/Francisca Griffin):

That the Board:

a)    Renews its commitment to Rothesay News advertising for the next financial year at a cost of $116.70 per month.


Motion carried (WHCB/2018/043)



Discussion took place on the letter received from the Burkes St Leonards Boating Club for a toilet to be placed St Leonards.  The Group Manager Parks and Recreation advised that the department was undertaking a review of all public toilets to set a priority for maintenance and replacement.   It was agreed that the matter would be placed on the action list.



Moved (Cr Aaron Hawkins/Francisca Griffin):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Governance Support Officers Report;

d)     Amends the Action List as appropriate

Motion carried (WHCB/2018/044)


7       Albertson Avenue/Wickliffe Terrace Road Reserve


Francisca Griffin advised that she had been discussing with the Parks and Recreation department the possibility of rehabilitating the Albertson Avenue/Wickliffe Terrace Road Reserve to a more ‘natural’ state.  It is intended to keep the trees clear of overhead lines, and create a habitat for native birds and plan some community amenity fruit trees on the lower bank.

Discussion took place on the project noting that the Parks and Recreation Department would need to be involved.



Moved (Steve Walker/Ange McErlane):

That the Board:

a)     Supports the rehabilitating of the Albertson Avenue/Wickliffe Terrace Road Reserve as a Board project.

b)     Allocates up to $1600 for the project.


Motion carried (WHCB/2018/045)




8       Board Representation and Areas of Responsibility


a)         Port Environment Liaison Committee –

Ange McErlane advised that at the last meeting of the Committee representative from Marshall Day spoke to the members regarding the noise monitors and the possibility of changing the sites to monitor areas that were not well covered.

b)        Ravensdown Community Liaison Group

No report due to the absence of the Board’s representative.

c)         Keep Dunedin Beautiful

Steve Walker advised that Alison Wallace had been appointed as the new co-ordinator

d)        Communications/Facebook

Ryan Johns advised that there was nothing new to report.

e)         Funding Applications Report Back

There had not been any report backs.

f)          West Harbour Beautification Trust

Steve Walker advised that the project was continuing.

g)        Policing Issues

No report due to the members absence

h)        Vision Port Chalmers

i)          No report due to the members absence

j)     Access Radio


        Francisca Griffin advised that there are two sessions prior  the next meeting.  It was agreed that Ryan Jones would attend the next week and topics for discussion would include the proposed project at Albertson Avenue.






9       Chairperson's Report


The Chairperson will provide an update on matters of interest including:

·      Dion Ombler Story Board at ‘Dions Place’

     The Chairperson advised that Dion Ombler had cleared an area at Te Ngaru and it had been suggested that a story board be placed at the area acknowledging his efforts.    It was agreed that the Board would progress this as a Community Project and report back with options and costs.

·      Free Food Pantry

     A suggestion had been made to start a free food pantry in the area.  It was agreed that Francisca would investigate the option and report back.

·      Mural Strategy

     He had been approached regarding mural’s in Port Chalmers and the possibility of developing a mural strategy.  It was agreed that the Chairperson and Ward Councillor would discuss the option and talk to the Street Art Trust.

·      Dumped Vehicles

     That complaints had been received regarding dumped vehicles in St Leonards.  The owners had been contacted and ask to move them.

·      Ravensbourne Boat Club

     He had spoken to the Otago Regional Council and they had suggested he talk to the Dunedin City Council.  The Group Manager Parks and Recreation had agreed to meet with the Club to understand what, if anything, the Council could do.




10     Council Activities


Cr Hawkins will provide an update on matters of interest including the 10 Year Plan which had been completed, the consultation on the Easter Trading Bylaw, the 2GP, various submissions the Council had made, the hospital rebuild and the allocations by the Grants Subcommittee.





10a   Sims Building Update



The Group Manager Parks and Recreation (Robert West) and the Property Manager (David Bainbridge) provided an updated on the consultation over the Sims Building.



11     Notification of Items for Consideration by the Chairperson





There were no items notified.






The meeting concluded at 6.27 pm.