Waikouaiti Coast Community Board



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board held in the Blueskin Library, Harvey Street, Waitati on Wednesday 01 May 2019, commencing at 5.30 pm





Alasdair Morrison


Deputy Chairperson

Geraldine Tait



Mark Brown

Mandy Mayhem-Bullock


Cr Jim O'Malley

Rose Stringer-Wright






Governance Support Officer       Rebecca Murray




1       Public Forum

1.1    Public Forum - John Ransley


John Ransley, a local resident, spoke of his concerns about an unregulated and unsecured rifle range on Miller Road (off Waitati Valley Road). He presented a written submission and asked the Board to investigate what could be done to have this place closed down for firearms use.  He was also concerned about lead contamination finding its way into Blueskin Bay via Semple Creek and Waitati River.  The Board Chairman and Cr. O’Malley advised that they would check out all aspects of Mr Ransley’s concerns.  Paul Smale from Forest & Bird also attended with Mr Ransley and provided some clarity about the ownership of the land in question.



1.2    Public Forum - Diana Struthers


Diana Struthers, a member of the Waitati Beach Reserve Society Inc. spoke of the Society’s desire to have better signage to provide clarity for visitors about what is, and is not, permitted in the area around Doctors Point Beach. The Board Chairman advised that this is an issue being discussed by the Reserves & Beaches Bylaw Working Group, of which he is a member. He offered to meet with the Society to bring them up to date with progress on the issue. The Society will be holding 100th Birthday celebrations towards the end of the year.




2       Apologies


Moved (Mark Brown/Mandy Mayhem-Bullock):

That the Board:

          Accepts the apology from Richard Russell.

Motion carried (WC/2019/024)


3       Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Mark Brown/Mandy Mayhem-Bullock):

That the Board:


Confirms the agenda without addition or alteration


Motion carried (WC/2019/025)



4       Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.


Mandy Mayhem-Bullock declared an interest in Blueskin News Committee as a member.



Moved (Geraldine Tait/Cr Jim O'Malley):

That the Board:


a)     Amends the Elected Members' Interest Register.

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (WC/2019/026)


5       Confirmation of Minutes

5.1    Waikouaiti Coast Community Board meeting - 13 March 2019


Moved (Geraldine Tait/Cr Jim O'Malley):

That the Board:


Confirms the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board meeting held on 13 March 2019 as a correct record.


Motion carried (WC/2019/027)


Part A Reports

6       Update on Policing Matters


The Area Commander Otago Coastal, Inspector Matenga (Marty) Gray, was in attendance to provide an update on Policing matters in the north coast area.

He was very interested in the remarks made by John Ransley and advised that he would look into the issue.

He gave a broad description of how the police prioritise items and advised that, while crime in general is not a big issue in the area, driving habits on the highway between Dunedin and Oamaru are a cause for concern. Police resources were deployed accordingly.

He provided an update on the fatal attack on the small horse in Waitati. Police were waiting for some evidential test results to come back, but this process had been slowed by the recent tragic events in Christchurch.

He advised that Senior Constable Lesley Eason from the Waikouaiti Station was unwell and her position is being covered by Constable Olivia Winbush from Oamaru.


7       Update on Bus Services and Bus Shelters


Julian Phillips from the Otago Regional Council was in attendance to discuss the provision of bus shelters in the area and bus services in general.

He agreed to look into improving the bus shelter in Fell Street, Waikouaiti; providing a bus shelter in the area of the general store in Karitane; providing a safe and practicable solution for bus stops and shelters on the main highway by the entrance to Hawkesbury.

There was discussion regarding bus services, both for school children and for the general public and how the Board could advocate for more frequent services.


8       Waikouaiti Coast Community Board Action List


A report provided an update to the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board on their Action List, which included:

·                 Waikouaiti Wastewater Treatment Plant - maintenance of the spray area. The Board requests some definitive information regarding the maintenance of this area.

·                 Sourcing water for firefighting at Michies Crossing and Warrington - the Board requests definitive information about the timeline for implementing this.

·                 Coastal Erosion/Karitane Spit - the Board discussed the emailed report provided by Coastal Specialist and agreed that Option 3 would be their preferred option.

·                 Waikouaiti planting project along Matanaka Drive in Waikouaiti - Mark Brown provided an update regarding the project. Questions were asked ; a) Has funding been provided for the Maintenance of the Matariki trees which have been planted, and for the 1500 extrees still to be planted?  b) Can the Government’s ‘Billion Tree Fund’ provide some funding for this project?

·                 Waitati Public Toilet - the Chairman advised that a revised Building Consent had been approved for the toilet facility, now that the entrance will be at the northern end. It is hoped to have the facility complete before the end of June.

·                 Overhanging vegetation on roads and footpaths - disappointment was expressed that no definitive information has been provided regarding the programme for having this work carried out.

·                 Bus Services - there was discussion with Julian Philips from ORC who attended the meeting regarding the process for advocating for improved bus services in the North Coast Area.

·                 Shortcut Road - it was noted that work has not yet started on sealing the road, and that corrugations on the upper part of the road were becoming problematic again.

·                 Condition of Coast Road between Warrington and Karitane - it was noted that recent remedial work had improved the condition of the road where recent sharp bumps had appeared. Sealing of the large slump area south of Puketeraki Lookout has not yet been completed.

·                 Waikouaiti Transfer Centre - concern was expressed about the delays with this project. Cr. O’Malley suggested that he and the Chairman meet with the General Manager Infrastructure to discuss the matter.

·                 Truby King Recreation Reserve - Ashley Reid (Parks & Reserves) had advised that the review of the Management Plan will be advertised shortly. Geraldine Tait and Rose Stringer-Wright will be invited to the next Seacliff committee meeting to discuss feedback.

·                 Reserves & Beaches Bylaw - the Chairman advised that the working party is scheduled to meet monthly to establish the best signage methods for reserves and beaches.

·                 Freedom Camping - the Thomas Burns Freedom Camping area trial concluded at the end of April. It was agreed that this has been a success. The Board would like to see it repeated next season, and also add other sites within the wider city area - with a preference expressed for the parking area between Ward Street and St. Andrews Street railway crossing. Warrington freedom camping area will remain open for the time being. Visitor numbers are being monitored daily.

·                 Blueskin Recreational Access Group (BRAG) - Mark Brown requested that a letter from the Board should be sent to Nathan Parker of BRAG to seek clarification of comments which appeared in the recent edition of Blueskin News.

·                 Bus shelters & Bus Stops in Waikouaiti and Karitane - the Chairman will liaise with Julian Phillips from ORC Regarding this.

The Board would like the following topics added to the Action List:

a)     Report from Transportation and 3 Waters to alleviate concerns about increase in Warrington population with the current and imminent construction of more than thirty new houses.

b)     Contact NZTA regarding poor tree maintenance along SH1 between Waikouaiti and Dunedin.

c)     Liaise with ORC and NZTA regarding bus shelters and bus stops on SH1 by Hawksbury Village

d)     Have Parks & Recreation include Doctors Point Beach as site for DCC signage


Moved (Alasdair Morrison/Mark Brown):

That the Board:


a)     Amends the Action List as appropriate.

Motion carried (WC/2019/028)


9       Funding Applications


Two funding applications were received for the Board’s consideration, as follows:

The Hawksbury Lagoon Inc requested $570.00 to assist with the purchase of tree guards and bamboo stakes supplies for planting days.

POWA (Progress of Waikouaiti Area) was wishing to distribute an annual Information, Services and Amenities Directory with the POWA newsletter.  It was seeking funding of $622.61.



Moved (Geraldine Tait/Cr Jim O'Malley):

That the Board:


a)         Approves the funding application from the Hawksbury Lagoon Inc for $400.00 towards the purchase of tree guards and bamboo stakes supplies for planting days.

b)        Assistance offered by Mark Brown on technical support.

Motion carried (WC/2019/029)



Moved (Geraldine Tait/Cr Jim O'Malley):

That the Board:

   a)     Lays the funding application on the table for $622.61 from POWA              (Progress of Waikouaiti Area) with more information being sought to        support the application.

Motion carried (WC/2019/030)


10     Governance Support Officer's Report


In a report from the Governance Support Officer, an update was provided on matters of interest, including:

a)     Project Fund.

b)     DCC Property Community Halls.

c)     Karitane Bowling Club Funding Report.


Moved (Geraldine Tait/Mark Brown):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Governance Support Officer’s Report.

b)     Notes the DCC Property Community Halls Update.

c)     Notes the funding report received from Karitane Bowling Club.

d)     Retrospectively approves the payment of $103.50 for the flowers sent to Mandy Mayhem-Bullock.

Motion carried (WC/2019/031)


11     Board Updates


An update was provided on activities, which included:

Keep Dunedin Beautiful (KDB)

Mandy Mayhem-Bullock (Board Representative) provided a verbal update.  A suggestion was made that Kati Huirapa Ecotours could be nominated for an award.


Community Board Conference

Mandy Mayhem-Bullock provided a written report on her attendance at the Community Boards Conference in New Plymouth in April. She felt that it was most worthwhile.







Moved (Alasdair Morrison/Cr Jim O'Malley):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the report.

Motion carried (WC/2019/032)


12     Chairperson's Report


The Chairperson provided a verbal update at the meeting of topics which had been discussed with the Action List.


An email had been received from the Remuneration Authority (via Team Leader Civic) about a proposed Childcare Allowance Policy.


Non-attendance of DCC Staff at Board meeting was discussed. The Chairman discussed his meeting with the CEO and Team Leader Civic, and his email correspondence with Team Leader Civic.  Board members do not agree with the DCC position on this.


The Chairman discussed a letter he had received from Stephanie McConnon regarding her somewhat negative impressions of attending the previous Board Meeting in support of a funding application.



Moved (Alasdair Morrison/Mark Brown):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the report

Motion carried (WC/2019/033)



Moved (Geraldine Tait/Rose Stringer-Wright):

That the Board:

a)         Supports the proposed Remuneration Authority’s Childcare Allowance Policy.

Motion carried (WC/2019/034)


13     Council Activities


Councillor Jim O'Malley gave a general update of happenings within Council and gave some detail about the Waikouaiti Landfill delay issue. He suggested that he and the Chairman seek a meeting with Simon Drew to discuss this. He suggested that Mark Brown and Brendan Flack from  Kati Huirapa should seek a meeting with Sandy Graham to discuss the possibility of obtaining some funding from the Government’s Billion Trees Project.


14     Items for Consideration by the Chair


There were no items for consideration.


The meeting concluded at 7.46 pm.