Saddle Hill Community Board



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Saddle Hill Community Board held in the Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon, Dunedin on Tuesday 26 November 2019, commencing at 5.00 pm





Scott Weatherall


Deputy Chairperson

Paul Weir




Christina McBratney

Keith McFadyen


John Moyle

Cr Jules Radich


Leanne Stenhouse





David Bainbridge (Group Manager Property Services)


Governance Support Officer                  Lynne Adamson




1          Public Forum

1.1       Public Forum - Fairfield Fitness Group Funding Application


Christine McDonnell, Fairfield Fitness Group addressed the meeting in support of the funding application from the Fairfield Fitness Group Funding Application.

Ms McDonnell commented on the classes currently held and advised that she hoped to include a step class soon.  The funding was requested to go towards the purchase of a headset/microphone for use in the classes.



1.2       Public Forum - Fairfield School Funding Application


Greg Lee (Principal) and Jane Wilden addressed the meeting in support of the Fairfield School funding application for funding to enable children to attend horse riding at Riding for the Disabled.  They commented that the programme had been piloted this term and the positive impact it had on the children who had participated.

They confirmed that the cost was $10 per student per session and it was hoped that eight children would be able to attend each term.

The Board provided advice on different sources of funding avenues available.



2          Apologies

There were no apologies.


3          Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Scott Weatherall/Paul Weir):

That the Board:


Confirms the agenda without addition or alteration


Motion carried (SHCB/2019/050)



4          Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.



Moved (Scott Weatherall/Leanne Stenhouse):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Elected Members' Interest Register; and

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (SHCB/2019/051)


5          Confirmation of Minutes

5.1       Saddle Hill Community Board meeting - 7 November 2019


Moved  (Scott Weatherall/Leanne Stenhouse):

That the Board:


Confirms the minutes of the Saddle Hill Community Board meeting held on 07 November 2019 as a correct record.

Motion carried (SHCB/2019/052)


Part A Reports

6          Saddle Hill Community Board Action List


A report from Civic appended the Transportation and Parks and Recreation Action lists which provided an update on matters raised by the Board.

The following matters were discussed:

a)              Catalina Lane, Waldronville – Residents have raised safety concerns with the lack of lighting on the corner of the new subdivision Catalina Lane and Brighton Road, Waldronville.  The Board would like the installation of a light at this intersection prioritised for safety reasons.

b)             Saddle Hill Road – The Board would like an onsite meeting to explain and show the safety issues with the increase in traffic on the road.

c)              Scroggs Hill Road – The Board are concerned with the speed of traffic on Scroggs Hill Road.  They would like consideration of white lines being painted down the middle of the road as a mitigation method.

d)             Scroggs Hill Road/Seaview Tce – A local resident has raised concerns with cars crashing into his property especially in winter months if the corner is taken too quickly.  The Board would like staff to contact Mr McFadyen to discuss these concerns and possible remedies.

e)             Road Sealing outside Brighton Shop – the road had been patch repaired in front of the Brighton shop.  The seal lifted and had been walked into the shop, damaging the floor.  The contractor and Council committed to rectify the issue however it still has not been done.

f)               Blackhead Road – the guard rail on Blackhead Road by the quarry which was damaged due to a car accident some time ago still needs replaced.  The Board would like an update on the replacement date.

g)              Main Road, Fairfield – there are safety issues with low visibility at the pedestrian crossing.  The Board would like to meet with staff on site to address concerns.

h)             Viscount Road, Waldronville – the Board acknowledges the work order has been issued but would like an indication of the timeframe.

i)               Brighton Domain - the Board acknowledges the work order has been issued but would like an indication of the timeframe.

j)               Public Toilet, Brighton Surf Club Reserve – the Board would like the roof to be cleaned.

k)              Kaikorai Estuary – The Chair would like to have a conversation with staff on the suggestion to extend the car park

l)               Canberra Place Reserve – the Board would like a conversation with staff to confirm what activity could be undertaken at the reserve



Moved (Scott Weatherall/Cr Jules Radich):

That the Board:


a)     Amends the Action Lists.

Motion carried (SHCB/2019/053)


7          Funding Applications


There were three funding applications received for consideration by the Board.

The Fairfield Group Fitness requested $1,026.50 or part thereof for the purchase of a headset microphone for instruction group fitness sessions. 

Fairfield School requested $2,800.00 towards the cost to fund a group of eight students to attend weekly sessions at Riding for the Disabled.

Christmas on the Domain requested $750.00 towards their annual community event.


The application from Fairfield Group Fitness was discussed and it was agreed that whilst they were supportive of the group, the application did not meet the criteria for approval as it could be a paid fitness activity.  The Chair advised he would contact the applicant and suggest that she may like to raise her price per session to $5.00 to help raise the funds needed.



Moved (John Moyle/Christina McBratney):

That the Board:


a)     Declines the funding application from the Fairfield Group Fitness

Motion carried (SHCB/2019/054)



Paul Weir advised that he was the parent of the school his children were not involved in the programme of which the school had requested support.


The Board considered the application from Fairfield School and discussed concern that only a small number of children would benefit from the programme and that it was not funded by the Ministry of Education however they would provide some funding support to enable the school to source other avenues.



Moved (Paul Weir/Leanne Stenhouse):

That the Board:

a)             Approves the funding application from the Fairfield School and grants $500.00 towards the cost of funding children to attend sessions at Riding for the Disabled

Motion carried (SHCB/2019/055) on a show of hands



The Chairperson left the Chair and Mr Paul Weir assumed the Chair for consideration of the following funding application.



Mr Weatherall and Ms Stenhouse declared an interest in the funding application from Christmas in the Park.  They sat back and did not participate in consideration of the application.


The Board considered the funding application from Christmas on the Domain.  They spoke of the support and popularity of the event and the benefit to the community and agreed they fully supported the event.



Moved (John Moyle/ Keith McFadyen):

That the Board:

a)              Approves  the funding application for $500.00 from Christmas on the Domain.

Motion carried (SHCB/2019/056)


8          Governance Support Officer's Report


A report from Civic provided an update on activities relevant to the Board’s area which included:

a)        Discretionary Fund

b)        Community Board Executive Committee Nomination – the Board agreed that they would not put a nomination forward but supported the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board nomination of Mandy Mayhem-Bullock.

c)        Community Hall Management – the Group Manager Property (David Bainbridge) provided an update on community halls.

d)        Saddle Hill Quarry – the Board requested a copy of any snapshot topography surveys undertaken which would enable comparisons of point a to point b at any one time.  The would like to know if the consent was being upheld.

e)        Smooth Hill

f)         Meeting Schedule 2020 – The formal meeting schedule would be adopted at the December Council meeting.  The Board agreed that they would hold their meetings at 1.00 pm on a Thursday afternoon and rotate the schedule between the community and town.  The community meetings pattern would be Brighton, Waldronville, Ocean View and Fairfield.

g)        Remuneration

h)        Board Appointments – Christina McBratney was appointed to Keep Dunedin Beautiful.

i)          Oar Radio – the Board agreed that they did not wish to continue their subscription.

j)         Greater Green Island Community Network Charitable Trust -the Board agreed they would continue with their membership.

k)         Correspondence – Jordan Summers provided a report back on the Youth Ambassador Award



Moved (Scott Weatherall/ Keith McFadyen):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Governance Support Officer’s Report.  



b)       Adopts the meeting schedule for 2020. 


Motion carried (SHCB/2019/057)



Moved (Scott Weatherall/Leanne Stenhouse):

That the Board:

c)     Approves the payment of $90.00 for the purchase of flowers for a bereaved family.

Motion carried (SHCB/2019/058)


Moved (Member Christina McBratney/Chairperson Scott Weatherall):

That the Board:

d)      Appoints Christina McBratney as the Saddle Hill Community Board Keep Dunedin Beautiful representative.


Motion carried (SHCB/2019/059)



Moved (Chairperson Scott Weatherall/Leanne Stenhouse):

That the Board:

e)     Approves the payment of $25.00 for membership of the Greater Green Island Community Network Charitable Trust.

Motion carried (SHCB/2019/060)


9          Board Updates


Board members provided the following  updates on activities undertaken on behalf of the Board.

Youth Ambassador Award – this would be included in the agenda for the next meeting

Sand Dune Regeneration Programme – The Chair discussed the sand dune regeneration programme.  He advised that the marim grass needed removal and the pikau plant which helps regenerates the sand dune would need planting at the appropriate time.  The Board would put on a BBQ in support of the volunteers helping with the replanting programme.

Community Response Plan – the Board was still waiting on the Saddle Hill/Chain Hills and Fairfield response plan. 

Kaikorai Estuary Car Park– this would be added as a permanent item to Board updates.


Moved (Chairperson Scott Weatherall/Paul Weir):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Board Updates.

Motion carried (SHCB/2019/061)


10        Chairperson's Report


The Chairperson (Scott Weatherall) provided an update on the following matters of interest:


·         Beach Access Project – Beach Mat – there was a discussion on funding avenues to approach for support with the purchase of a beach mat which would provide wheelchair access to the beach and care and storage of the mat.  It was agreed that the Green Island Lions Club would be approached to gauge their interest in the project.

·         Taieri Mouth Road Laybys – Any work on the laybys had been cancelled at present.

·         Freedom Camping

·         Roadside Rubbish

·         Annual Plan – it was agreed that the Board would gather a submission via email discussions.

·         Community Plan – A meeting on the community plan would be held prior to a Board meeting.

·         Brighton Gala Day – the gala day would be held on 26 January.  The Board agreed that they would like to have a stall as in past years.  Leanne Stenhouse and Paul Weir agreed to lead the project.  Paul Allen (Civil Defence) had expressed interest in participating with the Board and would be contacted.

·         School Students – the Board would extend an invitation to local schools to invite senior students to present ideas and suggestions for their community.  Big Rock and Fairfield schools would be contacted when a meeting was being held in their area.

·         Community Board Induction Day – The Chair, Leanne Stenhouse and Paul Weir would attend the Community Board Induction Day to be held on 9 December 2019.

·         Lilliput Library – Leanne Stenhouse advised that the Lilliput library had been installed in Westwood.  The resident who provided the location for the Lilliput Library had purchased paint which Ms Stenhouse had reimbursed and sought approval for her reimbursement.


Moved (Chairperson Scott Weatherall/Deputy Chairperson Paul Weir):

That the Board:


a)        Approve reimbursement of $48.74 to Ms Stenhouse for the purchase of paint for     the Lilliput Library.


Motion carried (SHCB/2019/062)




11        Councillor Update


Councillor Jules Radich provided an update on Council which included the Councillor induction programme and specifically on the landfill and site visit to Smooth Hill.




12        Items for Consideration by the Chair


Annual Plan submission/Community Plan – it was agreed that the Board would hold a workshop one hour before the next meeting to discuss the community plan.


The Chair thanked everyone for their work and wished them and their families well for the Christmas and holiday season.




The meeting concluded at 6.40 pm