Otago Peninsula Community Board



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Otago Peninsula Community Board held in the Portobello Bowling Club, Sherwood Street, Portobello on Thursday 12 November 2020, commencing at 10:00am.





Paul Pope


Deputy Chairperson

Hoani Langsbury



Lox Kellas

Graham McArthur


Edna Stevenson

Cr Andrew Whiley



Jeanine Benson, Group Manager Transport; Andrew Lord, Maintenance Team Leader – Transport Delivery; Timothy Pleace, Roading Engineer – Transport Delivery


Senior Officer                                               Chris Henderson, Group Manager Waste and Environmental Solutions


Governance Support Officer                  Lauren McDonald



1          Opening

Paul Pope, Chairperson opened the meeting with a reflection.

2          Public Forum

2.1 Public Forum – Fulton Hogan


Joe Connolly and Jamie Ward-Allen from Fulton Hogan provided an update on the peninsula connection project works, including the plans in place for the project site during the Christmas/New Year holiday period.


3          Apologies

Moved (Cr Andrew Whiley/Member Lox Kellas):

That the Board:


Accepts the apology from Cheryl Neill.


Motion carried (OPCB/2020/053)


4          Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Deputy Chairperson Hoani Langsbury/Member Edna Stevenson):

That the Board:


Confirms the agenda without addition or alteration.


Motion carried (OPCB/2020/054)


5          Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.

·         Graham McArthur advised he is a Trustee of Short Film Otago.

·         Hoani Langsbury advised he is a member of the Department of Conservation general policy operations development group.


Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Cr Andrew Whiley):

That the Board:


a)     Amends the Elected Members' Interest Register and

b)     Amends the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (OPCB/2020/055)


6          Confirmation of Minutes

6.1      Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting - 24 September 2020


Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Graham McArthur):

That the Board:


Confirms the public part of the minutes of the Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting held on 24 September 2020 as a correct record.

Motion carried (OPCB/2020/056)


Part A Reports

7          Transport matters (Otago Regional Council)


Julian Phillips, Team Leader, Public Transport from the Otago Regional Council provided an update on public transport issues on the Otago Peninsula, including:


·         Showing an example of the real time electronic bus info signage for the Macandrew Bay bus shelter to be installed by end of January 2021, as part of an ORC trial.

·         Outline of the costs solar of powered lighting for bus shelters on the Portobello Road.

Mr Phillips responded to concerns raised by board members on the bus service through Harwood not being run as scheduled, with passengers waiting at bus stops not being uplifted.  Julian advised he would meet with the contractor and re-iterate the bus route must be followed.  He confirmed he had requested the reinstall of temporary bus signs with the DCC transport team to assist with identification of bus stops.

Mr Phillips encouraged that any community members who have any issues with buses failing to stop at bus stops to be report this through to the ORC Public Transport team.

A request was made for an exception report on the bus timetables for the peninsula.  Mr Philips confirmed he would look to provide summary information to the community board as well as the weblink for tracking of buses while on route.

Paul Pope thanked Mr Phillips for the successful engagement between the community board and the ORC on transport improvements for the peninsula.


Mr Phillips left the meeting at 10:38am.


DCC Transport matters


Andrew Lord, Maintenance Team Leader – Transport Delivery introduced Timothy Pleace, Roading Engineer – Transport Delivery together with Paul Jamieson and Thomas Forde from Fulton Hogan to the meeting.  He outlined the maintenance work being undertaken by Fulton Hogan as the new head contractor for the combined sealed and unsealed network for Transport. 


Paul Jamieson, Fulton Hogan Road Maintenance Manager provided an overview of the subcontractors and partners working with Fulton Hogan for the roading networks.


Discussion was held on signage needs, including parking for use of Portobello public water tap; slow down for children speed signs at Harwood, and slow down speed signs for Hoopers Inlet for the wildlife.


Andrew Lord advised he would follow up on placement of a P15 sign for parking outside the public water tap. He advised that signage for Hoopers Inlet was being addressed with DoC and additional safety signage for Harwood would be reconsidered after the Speed Limits Bylaw review was completed.


Members expressed concern for pedestrian and cycle safety with debris on the cycle paths, particularly on the shoulder of the roadside. Andrew Lord confirmed strategies would be built in for the frequency required for cleaning of the shared pathways and road shoulder on the peninsula.


Vegetation – Andrew Lord confirmed that Whitestone, as subcontractor to Fulton Hogan would be bringing in extra resource to address the current roadside vegetation problem.


Tomahawk – Andrew Lord advised that the Transport Safety team would look at the placement of temporary speed humps for Centre Road.


Allans Beach Road – Jeanine Benson, Group Manager Transport confirmed that there were no formula/criteria for future sealing of gravel roads as the Council had decided in 2010 to cease sealing of gravel roads.  She advised that a different strategic approach for dust suppression versus ottaseal could be considered.


Jeanine Benson, Andrew Lord, Tony Pleace and the Fulton Hogan representatives left the meeting at 11:18 am.


8          Funding Applications


Two funding applications were received for the Board’s consideration:

1.               A scholarship funding application from Josephine Tarasiewicz for $300.00, and

2.               Scott Hall Committee for $1,700.00 towards the purchase of a defibrillator.

The balance of project funds available to the Board as at 12 November 2020 was noted as $9,2156.15.


Josephine Tarasiewicz spoke to her scholarship application to attend the Hands-on Otago weeklong course at the University of Otago for theatre and dance.



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Cr Andrew Whiley):

That the Board:


a)    Approves the scholarship funding application from Josephine Tarasiewicz for $300.00 to assist with attending a weeklong “Hands on at Otago” course at the University of Otago.

Motion carried (OPCB/2020/057)



Chris Helm and Graeme McNulty spoke to the funding application from the Scott Hall Committee and advised that with the number of people using the hall and the domain area estimated to being 7000 or more a year, that it would be valuable resource to have a defibrillator in place.


Moved (Member Lox Kellas/Deputy Chairperson Hoani Langsbury):

That the Board:


a)     Approves the funding application from the Scott Hall Committee for $1,700.00 towards the purchase of a defibrillator for the Harwood community.

Motion carried (OPCB/2020/058)



Mrs Harris from the Broad Bay Pony Club addressed the meeting seeking advice for funding support for land works for Pony Club access to the Broad Bay beach area.  Paul Pope advised he would investigate further the intended access way to the beach for pedestrians etc at Broad Bay and report back to her.


9          Governance Support Officer's Report


The report informed the Otago Peninsula Community Board of activities relevant to the Board area including:

a)      Project Fund – balance of funds available as at 12 November 2020, $9,256.15

b)      Correspondence

c)      Parks and Recreation Update

d)      Meetings 2021 – The first OPCB meeting confirmed as Thursday 18 February 2021.

          Lauren (GSO) to circulate meetings dates for 2021 once confirmed by Council, noting the April meeting is intended to be held in Tomahawk.



The members present confirmed their preference for meetings to remain on a Thursday at 10:00am.



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Edna Stevenson):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Governance Support Officer’s Report

b)     Agrees that the Otago Peninsula Community Board will meet on 18 February 2021 subject to Council adopting the 2021 meeting schedule.

Motion carried (OPCB/2020/059)


10        Board Updates


Board members provided updates on activities including:

Keep Dunedin Beautiful

Graham McArthur advised that the KDB Awards were held on 30 October 2020. 

A new location being sought for the Trees for Families as almost at capacity at current site.


Rural Roads – Lox Kellas advised there were no issues to report, roads recently re-gravelled.


Community Meetings 


Paul Pope outlined upcoming meetings as:

·         Follow up for Tourism Forum, was intended to be held in late February 2021 with Hoani Langsbury liaising the event.

·         Community meetings in March 2021 in the Board area for community feedback ahead of the Long-Term Plan submission period.

Civil Defence/Community Response Planning

Lox Kellas advised that the Emergency Management brochures delivery complete and confirmed laminated copies of the emergency management plan have been placed in the community halls on the peninsula.


Te Rauone Reserve

Edna Stevenson advised that progress for the carpark work at the reserve has stalled due to biodiversity requirements to re-home native lizards found on the site until the carpark work completed and then for the lizards to be returned.  Progress would also be affected due to the availability of Fulton Hogan machinery, as the offer of its use was subject to availability.


Harington Point Battery

Lox Kellas advised that the Otago Military Historical Society have advised interested in involvement with the project and that the Opotiki Trust were also involved with the project.


Action: Lox Kellas to meet with the DCC Heritage Advisor (Andrea Farminer) for possible funding support.


3.  Cape Saunders emergency buoy and signage

Action: Lox Kellas will speak with the Karetai Trust re access/safety at the site for fishing.

4.  Wellers Rock – DCC are working on the lease of the land for a carpark at Wellers Rock.

5.  Tomahawk Beach – signage due for install week of 16 November 2020.



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Cr Andrew Whiley):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Board Updates.

Motion carried (OPCB/2020/060)


11        Community Plan 2020-2021


No discussion was held.


Action: Paul Pope to provide edits to GSO (Lauren McDonald) for update and discussion at the next meeting.


12        Chairperson's Report


A verbal update was provided by the Chairperson, including:


·    Speed Limit Bylaw – The next step is for the bylaw to be endorsed by Council.

·    Smaills Beach

·    Hoopers Inlet fence

·    Broad Bay Peninsula Connection

Graham McArthur provided feedback from community meeting held to discuss the proposed design works.

·    Biodiversity Forum for 2021

Graham McArthur to co-ordinate for February/March 2021.

·    Feedback from Tourism forum (6 October 2020) to be held in February 2021 with Hoani Langsbury co-ordinating the forum.

·    Tomahawk Road speed humps

DCC Transport team to look at install of speed humps.

·    Rabbits

Discussion was held on possible ways to reduce rabbit numbers on the peninsula, including working with the Otago Peninsula biodiversity group.




Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Edna Stevenson):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the update from the Chairperson.

Motion carried (OPCB/2020/061)


13        Councillor's Update


Cr Whiley summarised matters decided by Council since the last board meeting, such as the Council’s debt limit lifted by 250%, the passing of the Keeping of Animals (excluding Dogs) Birds Bylaw review, and the Film Dunedin update.


He thanked the Board for its strong submission to the Speed Limit Bylaw review in advocating for the peninsula residents and saw the use of the Survey Monkey as a valuable tool for collating feedback from the community.


Discussion was held on the benefit of undertaking another survey of the community ahead of the submission to the DCC 10 Year Plan.



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Edna Stevenson):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the report from Cr Whiley.

Motion carried (OPCB/2020/062)


14        Items for Consideration by the Chairperson


Two items were raised for future discussion:

·         Tourism Forum – opportunities for data collection from community boards (consideration through Economic Development and Community and Culture Committees). 

·         Monitoring of visitor numbers to peninsula areas such as the Pyramids (could this be done through the Enterprise Dunedin’s “Plan D” marketing promotion?)


The meeting concluded at 12:08 p.m.