Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board held in the Downes Room, Mosgiel Coronation Hall, Gordon Road, Mosgiel on Wednesday 17 February 2021, commencing at 5.00 pm





Joy Davis


Deputy Chairperson

Dean McAlwee




Phillipa Bain

Martin Dillon


Cr Carmen Houlahan

Brian Miller


Brian Peat





Jeanine Benson (Group Manager, Transport)


Governance Support Officer                  Wendy Collard




1          Public Forum

1.1       Policing Matters


Sergeant John Cunningham, New Zealand Police was in attendance to introduce himself and provided an update on policing matters in the Board’s area.

Sergeant Cunningham responded to questions.


1.2       Mosgiel/Taieri Community Voice


Kelly Aitcheson, Janine Tansley and Kevin Thompson were in attendance to introduce a new established community group – Mosgiel/Taieri Community Voice.  They raised concerns regarding the Mosgiel/Taieri Safer Schools Street project.

Mr Thompson, Ms Aitcheson and Ms Tansley responded to questions.



2          Apologies

There were no apologies.


3          Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Brian Miller/Cr Carmen Houlahan):

That the Board:


Confirms the agenda with the following addition:


Inclusion in Item 6 -  Consideration of a submission to 2GP;

Inclusion in Item 7 – Mosgiel-Taieri Safer Schools Streets; and

Inclusion of Item 11 – Community Plan.


Motion carried (MTCB/2021/001)



4          Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.


There were no declarations.



Moved (Joy Davis/Phillipa Bain):

That the Board:


a)     Amends the Elected Members' Interest Register; and

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (MTCB/2021/002)


5          Confirmation of Minutes

5.1       Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board meeting - 18 November 2020


Moved (Martin Dillon/Phillipa Bain):

That the Board:


Confirms the public part of the minutes of the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board meeting held on 18 November 2020 as a correct record.

Motion carried (MTCB/2021/003)


Part A Reports

6          Governance Support Officer's Report


A report from Civic provided and update on a number of activities relevant to the Board’s area.

There was an in-depth discussion on the project fund and the allocation of funds.


Moved (Dean McAlwee/Phillipa Bain):

That the Board:


Approves sponsorship of an additional $80.00 from the Board’s Discretionary Fund for a resident in the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board area to attend the Berwick Outdoor Course.


Motion carried (MTCB/2021/004)



Moved (Member Brian Miller/Member Brian Peat):

That the Board:


Approves $12,000.00 from the Board’s Discretionary Fund towards the Board’s Project – Silverstream Beautification Planting.



That the Board voted by division


Votes by division.

For:    Phillipa Bain, Dean McAlwee, Brian Miller, Cr Carmen Houlahan and Brian Peat (5).

Against:          Joy Davis and Martin Dillon (2).

Abstained:    Nil


The division was declared CARRIED by 5 votes to 2


Motion carried (MTCB/2021/005)



Moved (Phillipa Bain/Dean McAlwee):

That the Board:


Lays the Item - “Round the Boards – OAR FM Programme” on the table.


Motion carried (MTCB/2021/006)



Following discussion on the meeting schedule, it was agreed that the Board’s next meeting would be held on Wednesday, 14 April 2021 commencing at 5.00 pm and an updated schedule would be presented to the meeting for the remainder of 2021.



Moved (Joy Davis/Dean McAlwee):

That the Board:


Agrees that the Next Board’s meeting would be held on Wednesday, 14 April 2020 in the Downes Room, Mosgiel Library commencing at 5.00 pm.


Motion carried (MTCB/2021/007)



Cr Carmen Houlahan withdrew from the discussion on the draft Dunedin City Council  10 year plan 2021-31.


The Board agreed to hold a workshop to discuss their submission to the draft 10 year plan 2021-31.



Moved (Member Phillipa Bain/Joy Davis):

That the Board:


Agrees that a workshop would be held on Wednesday, 7 April 2021.



Motion carried (MTCB/2021/008)


Following discussion, the Board agreed that Joy Davis would attend the Community Board conference on behalf of the Bord.



Moved (Martin Dillon/Phillipa Bain):

That the Board:


Nominates Joy Davis to attend the 2021 New Zealand Community Boards’ Conference.


Motion carried (MTCB/2021/009)



Cr Carmen Houlahan withdrew from the discussion on the Dunedin City Council Variation 2 of the Dunedin City Council’s 2GP.


There was a discussion on Variation 2 of the Dunedin City Council’s 2GP.



Moved (Brian Miller/Phillipa Bain):

That the Board:


Authorises Brian Miller to prepare a submission to the Dunedin City Council’s 2GP Variation 2 on behalf of the Board.


Motion carried (MTCB/2021/010)



Moved (Joy Davis/Phillipa Bain):

That the Board:


Notes the Governance Support Officer’s Report.

Motion carried (MTCB/2021/011)


7          Board Updates


Board members to provided updates on activities which included:


1          Keep Dunedin Beautiful (KDB)

Phillipa Bain (Board representative) provided an update which included Ori 2021 Tent City.


2          Friends of the Mosgiel Memorial Gardens

Phillipa Bain advised that she had prepared a leaflet which members would be able to hand out during Party in the Park.


3          Celebrating Local Excellence on the Taieri Project

Joy Davis provided a background to the project which included the names of recipients.


4          Hawk n Hurl

Dean McAlwee advised that pamphlets advertising the event were currently being printed and would be available for Party in the Park.


5          Mosgiel Coronation Hall

Dean McAlwee (Board Representative) advised that a meeting was being held in the upcoming week.



Moved (Brian Miller/Brian Peat):

That the Board:


Recommends  to the Mosgiel Coronation Hall Trust to give consideration to submitting to DCC’s draft 10 year plan 2021-31 as an option for a mid-sized theatre.


Motion carried (MTCB/2021/012)



6          Mosgiel Business Association

Joy Davis and Cr Carmen Houlahan (Board Representatives) provided an update.


7          Mosgiel Aquatic Project Team

Brian Miller (Board Representative) provided an update on the Mosgiel Aquatic Project during which Mr Miller objected to words used during the debate.


Moved: (Joy Davis/Phillipa Bain):


That the Board:


Adjourns the meeting.


Motion carried


The meeting adjourned at 7.35 pm and reconvened at 7.40 pm.


8          Mosgiel and Taieri Emergency Group.

Joy Davis commented on the upcoming activities which included training.


9          Outram Emergency Group.

Dean McAlwee advised there was no update.


10        Silverstream Plantings

Brian Peat commented on the proposed Waihola-Dunedin cycle trail.


11-      Social Media

Brian Peat provided an update which included the increase in likes/comments that had been posted on the Board’s Facebook page.


12        Dunedin Tunnel’s Trust

Jeanine Benson provided an update.  Mr Peat requested that he be removed as the Board’s representative.


13        Community Engagement

Dean McAlwee advised that Party in the Park would be a good forum and opportunity for the Board Members to engage with the community.


14      Mosgiel Safer Schools Streets

There was a discussion on the Mosgiel-Taieri Safer School Streets Project which included the early consultation that had been undertaken and the recent concerns raised by the community.



Moved (Joy Davis/Phillipa Bain):

That the Board:


Notes the Board Updates.

Motion carried (MTCB/2021/013)


8          Chairperson's Report


A report from the Chairperson updated the Board on matters of interest since the previous meeting.


Moved (Joy Davis/Phillipa Bain):

That the Board:


Notes the Chairperson’s update.

Motion carried (MTCB/2021/014)


9          Council Activities


Councillor Carmen Houlahan provided an update on items of interest which included:

·         Draft 10 year plan 2021-31;

·         Residents Opinion Survey;

·         Waikouaiti, Karitane and Hawksbury Village water issue.



Moved (Cr Carmen Houlahan/Dean McAlwee):

That the Board:


Notes the Council Activities Update.

Motion carried (MTCB/2021/015)


10        Items for consideration by the Chair


Mr Miller requested an update on the Centre Road extension.



The meeting concluded at 8.11 pm