Otago Peninsula Community Board



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Otago Peninsula Community Board held in the Portobello Bowling Club, Sherwood Street, Portobello on Thursday 25 March 2021, commencing at 10:04 a.m.





Paul Pope


Deputy Chairperson

Hoani Langsbury



Cheryl Neill

Graham McArthur



Malcolm Anderson, Marketing Manager Enterprise Dunedin Sarah Bramhall, PR and Promotions Advisor and Louise van de Vlierd, i-SITE Manager


Senior Officer                                               Chris Henderson, Group Manager Waste and Environmental                                                                     Solutions

Governance Support Officer                  Lauren McDonald



1          Opening

Paul Pope welcomed attendees and opened the meeting with a reflection on the ongoing impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the considerations business and community need to plan for the future.

2          Public Forum

2.1       Fulton Hogan

Joe Connolly provided an update on progress on the Peninsula Connection Project, including:

·         The timeline for the surface sealing on the Broad Bay section.

·         Final section to be completed in May 2021

·         Section 9 design is under discussion

·         Road closures for work at The Cove


During discussion it was suggested by members that Fulton Hogan consider retain a historical record on the connection project. It was seen to be of value to the general public.  Joe Connolly advised he would take this back for consideration by Fulton Hogan.



2.2       Josephine Tarasiewicz – OPCB scholarship recipient

Josephine thanked the board for the opportunity to attend the University of Otago’s “Hands on Otago” course held in January 2021.  She advised that it had been a wonderful experience, with many learnings and network opportunities and had inspired her to pursue future study in performing arts, theatre and film.

Paul Pope thanked Josephine for her presentation and for being a wonderful ambassador for the Peninsula and the Board wished her well for her future endeavours.


2.3       Broad Bay Community Centre – funding applications

Kim and Matt Moran, Broad Bay Community Centre Committee representatives spoke to the two applications seeking funding for:

·         Continued production of a quarterly newsletter, through until 2022.

·         Replacing wiring at the hall as it was out-of-date and unsafe.  They confirmed the community centre had regular paid patronage, with 3 standard bookings on average, per week.


2.4       Tom Churchill

Tom Churchill addressed the Board and outlined his concerns in a video presentation for the ongoing erosion of the retaining wall in Hanson Street into the Portobello Bay.


Paul Pope asked that Mr Churchill provide him with a copy of the video presentation for him to progress a response on the erosion concerns from Council.


Mr Churchill also provided a sample piece of the broken asphalt and photo of the condition of the road surface. He advised that the road surface had disintegrated quickly following the install of fibre optic cabling in Beaconsfield Road and needed urgent repair work.


Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Graham McArthur):

That the Board:


Extends Public Forum beyond 30 minutes


Motion carried


3          Apologies

Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Graham McArthur):

That the Board:


Accepts the apologies from Edna Stevenson, Cr Andrew Whiley and Lox Kellas.


Motion carried (OPCB/2021/016)


4          Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Deputy Chairperson Hoani Langsbury):

That the Board:


Confirms the agenda without addition or alteration.


Motion carried (OPCB/2021/017)



5          Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Cheryl Neill):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Elected Members' Interest Register and

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (OPCB/2021/018)


6          Confirmation of Minutes

6.1       Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting - 18 February 2021


Moved (Member Graham McArthur/Chairperson Paul Pope):

That the Board:


Confirms the public part of the minutes of the Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting held on 18 February 2021 as a correct record.

Motion carried (OPCB/2021/019)


Part A Reports

7          Destination Dunedin Plan


Malcolm Anderson, Marketing Manager Enterprise Dunedin, Sarah Bramhall, PR and Promotions Advisor and Louise van de Vlierd, i-SITE Manage provided an update on the current review/refresh of the Destination Dunedin Plan (DDP).  Consultants will work through and consult on the DDP (including social, environmental, economic and sustainability factors). Consultation period 8 March to 16 April 2021.



Paul Pope and Hoani Langsbury expressed interest in attending any workshop with the DDP consultants to provide feedback from the Otago Peninsula area.


8          Department of Conservation - Peninsula Issues


Shay van der Hurk from the Department of Conservation spoke to conservation issues on the Otago Peninsula.


Discussion included:

·         sea lion activity and protection (fencing) in place at Hoopers Inlet and Allans Beach.

·         Members asked for a consultation process for submissions to DoC on resource needs and communication of DoC’s work programme.

·         DOC seeking volunteers with an interest and passion for conservation and wildlife.

·         Members advised the benefit of DoC seeking groups such as SPOKE and STOP to assist with maintenance/protection of native plant species along walking tracks on the peninsula.

·         Safety audit of the recreational track at Highcliff, resulting in the track being removed as unsuitable for mountain biking.

·         Development of DoC site at McMeeking Road, Highcliff. Discussions underway with Rūnaka on significant sites on the peninsula such as Sandfly Bay and Sandymount for the curation of heritage information for visitors.

·         Shay outlined the new DoC visitor strategy “PROTECT, CONNECT AND THRIVE” promoting the social benefits of nature, including walking tracks and conservation campsites and to encourage tourists to the area.

·         Public toilets at Sandfly Bay and Sandymount confirmed as in place by DoC until end of March 2021.


9          Community Plan 2020-2021


A copy of the Otago Peninsula Community Board Community Plan 2020-2021 was pre- circulated for members to review and provide any updates.


Paul Pope confirmed a workshop on the Board’s submission to the 10 Year Plan 2021-31 would be held on 15 April 2021 and asked that members read the Community Plan and be ready for a discussion/decision.



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Deputy Chairperson Hoani Langsbury):

That the Board:


Endorses the Otago Peninsula Community Board’s Community Plan 2020-21 update as at 25 March 2021.


Motion carried (OPCB/2021/020)


10        Governance Support Officer's Report


A report from Civic detailed activities relevant to the Board area including:

·         Community Board Conference (Gore, 22-24 April 2021)

Lauren to investigate a day registration for Paul Pope to attend.


·         Community Boards Outstanding Awards Nominations

Paul Pope to complete a nomination of the OPCB for their work on the Peninsula Connection Project, if it meets the scope of the award criteria.

·         2021-31 Ten Year Plan consultation period 27 March - 29 April, with a community consultation by DCC councillors on Saturday 10 April, 10:00am – 12 noon at the Macandrew Bay Hall.

·         Representation Review 2021.

Paul Pope advised that the Representation Review Panel members would meet with the Board at 9:00am on 15 April, with the Community Board meeting commencing at 10:30am.  The meeting venue - Grants Braes’ Football Clubroom, Tomahawk.



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Deputy Chairperson Hoani Langsbury):

That the Board:


a)         Notes the Governance Support Officer’s Report

b)        Confirms the OPCB representative to the Community Board Conference, 22-24 April in Gore as Paul Pope.

c)         Endorses the Board’s nomination to the Community Boards Outstanding Awards for 2021.

Motion carried (OPCB/2021/021)


11        Funding Applications


A report from Civic included an update from the Broad Bay Community Centre on the approved change in use of funding granted by the Board in February 2021, with the February 2020 approved funding used for installing of a music/public address system for the Broad Bay Hall.

The balance of project funds available to the Board as at 18 March 2021 was noted as $6,686.15.  Funding applications considered by the Board at the meeting were:

a)      The Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Trust for $2,397.75 to support the changeover of electrical wiring to single-phase power.

b)      The Broad Bay Community Centre for $400.00 for funding of a quarterly newsletter for 2021/2022.

c)      The Broad Bay Community Centre for $2,500.00 for electrical wiring work for the Broad Bay Hall.


Hoani Langsbury declared a conflict of interest for the funding application from the Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Trust (OPBT) and took no part in discussion or voting on this item.


Board members saw the benefit of the OPBT as a community based environmental centre for advocacy of native species and projects and raising profile of biodiversity work on the peninsula.



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Graham McArthur):

That the Board:


             Approves the funding application from the Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Trust for $2,397.75 to support the changeover electrical wiring to single-phase power

Motion carried (OPCB/2021/022)  Hoani Langsbury abstained from the vote.





Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Cheryl Neill):

That the Board:

          Approves the scholarship funding application from the Broad Bay Community Centre for $400.00 for funding quarterly newsletter for 2021/2022.

Motion carried (OPCB/2021/023)




Moved (Member Graham McArthur/Deputy Chairperson Hoani Langsbury):

That the Board:

        Approves the scholarship funding application from the Broad Bay Community Centre for $2,500.00 for electrical wiring work for the Broad Bay Hall.

Motion carried (OPCB/2021/024)



ANZAC Day service



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Graham McArthur):

That the Board:

                  Approves payment for an ANZAC wreath for the Macandrew Bay service.


Motion carried (OPCB/2021/025)



Paul Pope to co-ordinate with DCC to place the order for the wreath for the Macandrew Bay ANZAC Day service.


12        Board Updates


Updates were provided on activities, including:

Keep Dunedin Beautiful – next meeting to be held in early April, noting that the                  current chairperson (Jan Tucker) has stood down due to ill health.


Tourism/Biodiversity Forum – The board agreed that a joint forum be held on                     Wednesday 14 April, 7pm at the Portobello Bowling Clubrooms. 

Action: Hoani Langsbury and Graham McArthur to liaise the event and issue invitations.


Civil Defence/Community Response Planning – A copy of the new real time app ‘Get Ready Otago’ community emergency response system had been circulated to members.  Paul Pope and Graham McArthur confirmed attending training with Paul Allen (DCC Civil Defence).


Te Rauone Reserve – DCC have been granted a permit to work on the lizard                          habitat at the reserve.



             Broad Bay - Graham McArthur confirmed the clothing bin adjacent to the existing bus stop shelter had been removed. 


Cheryl Neill provided feedback on:

·         Progress on the availability and costs for regular Chat Bus visits to schools on the peninsula.  Action: Paul Pope and Cheryl Neill to co-ordinate an update to be provided to the schools.

·         The community are seeking a wooden bench for the Portobello Bay walkway near the Harwood turn off.  Action: Cheryl Neill to write to Bruce Buxton ( GHD) to enquire if a donation of a wooden bench was possible for the walkway.

·         Erosion of the seawall on Stephney Avenue, repair and renewal of the seawall Tidewater Drive, Harwood.  Action: Cheryl to speak with the affected households in the area for a collective submission to be made to the 10 Year Plan.

·         Use of Scott Hall for the Harwood community with the Aurora 3 days of power outages recently.


Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Graham McArthur):

That the Board:


Notes the Board Updates.

Motion carried (OPCB/2021/026)




Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Cheryl Neill):

That the Board:

             Authorises spending of up to $100.00 for catering for the Tourism/Biodiversity Forum               on 14 April 2021.


Motion carried (OPCB/2021/027)


13        Councillor's Update


No update was provided as Cr Whiley was an apology for the meeting.


14        chairperson’s report


Paul Pope provided a verbal update at the meeting, including:

·    10 Year Plan 2021-31 - and community consultation to be held on 10 April at the Macandrew Bay Hall 10:00am -12 noon.


·    Otago Regional Council LTP submission – consideration on what to include in the Board’s submission.


14        Chairperson's Report (continued)


·    Aurora power outages – Initial communications from the various power companies was poor.  Cheryl Neill and Paul Pope co-ordinated with Aurora to open community halls for residents to relocate during the power outages, with Aurora also providing vouchers for the Penguin Café for hot drinks.


·    Otago Peninsula vegetation spraying - Recent issues with native species being sprayed accidently by contractors.  Discussion held with Council and the contractor about improving knowledge of plant species and the spray being used.


·    Signage and parking space for public water tap at Portobello – members agreed to the tap being based at the Portobello recreation reserve as 2 reticulated taps already in place and provided safer parking.  Action: Hoani Langsbury to liaise the moving of the public water tap with DCC staff.


·    Tomahawk Lagoon water quality – Paul met with the Otago Regional Council re water quality work for the lagoon.  Awaiting ORC confirmation of budget for this work.  A catchment group will be established for the Tomahawk Lagoon for development of a water quality management plan for lagoon.


·      Wellers Rock – carparking.  Action: Hoani Langsbury and Paul Pope to follow up on the progress with finalising the lease with the Trust’s real estate agent.


·      Rongo memorial parking and water provision - Paul Pope confirmed he had spoken with Mayor Hawkins and Edward Ellison, awaiting a response.


Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Deputy Chairperson Hoani Langsbury):

That the Board:


Notes the update from the Chairperson.

Motion carried (OPCB/2021/028)


15        Items for Consideration by the Chairperson


There were no items for consideration by the Chair.


The meeting concluded at 12:10pm.