Otago Peninsula Community Board



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Otago Peninsula Community Board held in the Portobello Bowling Club, Sherwood Street, Portobello on Thursday 11 November 2021, commencing at 10:00 am.





Paul Pope


Deputy Chairperson

Hoani Langsbury



Lox Kellas

Graham McArthur


Cheryl Neill

Edna Stevenson


Cr Andrew Whiley




Nick Watts, Project Manager – Peninsula Connection; Ben Hogan, Transport Delivery Manager; Kim Everett, Engagement and Communications Advisor – Major Projects – Transport Group.


Senior Officer                                               Chris Henderson, Group Manager Waste and Environmental Services

Governance Support Officer                  Lauren McDonald



1          Opening

Paul Pope welcomed members and advised that a reflection would be taken during the meeting at 11:00am to mark Armistice Day.

Lox Kellas spoke in remembrance of Armistice Day with a tribute to Trooper Fred Naylor of the Otago Mounted Rifles.

2          Public Forum

Karen Beattie spoke to the meeting on her role as Emergency Management Advisor Civil Defence.  She advised of an online community resource tool and confirmed that she would provide detail for inclusion in the peninsula community newsletters.  Ms Beattie responded to questions from the Board.


Roy Roker from the Macandrew Bay Boating Club spoke of the club’s concerns for the speed of cyclists through the club’s car park area and the need for signage for the safety of pedestrians and boating club members.  He advised the club had placed basic signage up in the carpark area on club events days requesting cyclists dismount and walk through the carpark area.



3          Apologies

Moved (Lox Kellas/Cr Andrew Whiley):

That the Board:

             Accept the apology of Graham McArthur and the apology for lateness from Hoani Langsbury.

Motion carried


4          Confirmation of agenda


Paul Pope advised that the agenda be altered to take Item 7 – Transport Matters later in the meeting.




Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Cr Andrew Whiley):

That the Board:


Confirms the agenda with the following alteration, that Item 7 – Transport Matters be taken following Item 10 – Community Plan 2020-2021.


Motion carried



5          Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.


Members were also requested to advise of any board appointments to local groups or projects and any appointments as a liaison member representing the Community Board.


Board representation for community project or groups were reaffirmed as:

Keep Dunedin Beautiful Committee                 -           Graham McArthur

Wellers Rock and Wellers Jetty project           -           Hoani Langsbury

Harwood Hall liaison                                               -           Cheryl Neill

Portobello Hall liaison                                             -           Paul Pope



Moved (Paul Pope/Edna Stevenson):

That the Board:


a)    Amends the Elected Members' Interest Register and

b)    Amends the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried


6          Confirmation of Minutes

6.1      Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting - 14 October 2021


Moved (Paul Pope/Edna Stevenson):


That the Board:


Confirms the public part of the minutes of the Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting held on 14 October 2021 as a correct record.

Motion carried (OPCB/2021/045)


Part A Reports

8          Meeting Schedule 2022


The 2022 meeting schedule was advised as 3 February; 24 March; 2 June; 28 July, with the inaugural meeting of the 2022-2025 triennium to be held on 2 November 2022.


Moved (Paul Pope/Cheryl Neill):

That the Board:


Approves the Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting schedule for 2022. 

Motion carried (OPCB/2021/046)


9          Governance Support Officer's Report


The report provided an update of activities relevant to the Board area.


Moved (Paul Pope/Edna Stevenson):

That the Board:


a)         Notes the Governance Support Officer’s Report.

b)        Agrees to hold the scholarship grant of $300.00 for Taylor McLean until the end of the 2021-2022 financial year for release for a Board approved event.

c)         Agrees that no submission to The Keeping of Animals (excluding Dogs) and Birds Bylaw Review will be made by the Board.

Motion carried (OPCB/2021/047)


10        Community Plan 2020-2021


Discussion was held on the proposed additions and alterations to the Board’s Community Plan for inclusion in the 2022/23 Annual Plan funding submissions such as: Tidewater Drive subsidence issues, Harington Point road widening work, Macandrew Bay beach pathway development and Allans Beach Road footpaths.


Members were asked to review the Community Board’s Community Plan project priorities for discussion ahead of the 2022/23 Annual Plan meetings.




Moved (Lox Kellas/Edna Stevenson):

That the Board:

             Agrees that the Macandrew Bay Beach pathway development be included in the Otago Peninsula Community Board’s Community Plan for the 2022/2023 Annual Plan submissions.


Motion carried (OPCB/2021/048)


7          Transport matters


Nick Watt, Project Manager – Peninsula Connection Programme Management Office, Ben Hogan, Transport Delivery Manager and Kim Everett, Engagement and Communications Advisor – Transport Group provided updates on section work at Broad Bay and Portobello as part of the peninsula connection project.


Discussion was held on the concern raised by Roy Roker, President of the Macandrew Bay during Public Forum for club members’ safety in the carpark area of the yacht club with the number and speed of cyclists coming through the area. 


Board members agreed to assist funding for signage to be erected at the Club carpark entrances, to encourage walking through the carpark area and the beach to the next section of the shared pathway.  Roy Roker to work in liaison with the DCC communications team for the signage details.



Moved (Paul Pope/Edna Stevenson):

That the Board:

Grants up to $500 to produce safety signage at the Macandrew Bay Boating Club carpark to promote reduced cycle speed and safe pedestrian access.


Motion carried (OPCB/2021/049)



Ben Hogan, Transport Delivery Manager provided an update on maintenance works on the peninsula including progress of completion of safety fencing on Marine Parade, road repairs by Fletcher House at Broad Bay due to a sink hole and the artworks to be selected for the new bus shelters at Broad Bay.  He responded to questions from the Board.


Mr Hogan confirmed that the affected Marine Parade residents and the Board would be provided communication on the resolution being sought with the contractor for the safety fencing.


Hoani Langsbury arrived at the meeting at 11:32 am.


11        Board Updates


Board members provided verbal updates on the following activities:

·         Te Rauone Reserve – work on the groynes progressing well.  The Reserve Subcommittee have met to develop concept designs for the playground.

·         Sealion fence install at Hoopers Inlet is aimed for February 2022.

·         Wellers Rock Jetty upgrade – site visit completed

·         Harington Point motels subdivision – concerns raised on the consent process as the area is of significant archaeological and cultural value

·         Harwood domain – concerns raised on the use of the domain by freedom campers and the need for signage


Paul Pope to write to staff requesting information on the consent process for the Harington Point subdivision.



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Cheryl Neill):

That the Board:


Notes the Board Updates.

             Motion carried


12        Councillor's Update


Councillor Andrew Whiley provided an update on matters of interest to the Board, including Council’s adoption of the Speed Limits Review for Amendments 10 and 11.  He commented that the only speed change on the Peninsula was for the Pukehiki township to 40km/hour.



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Member Edna Stevenson):

That the Board:


Notes the report from Cr Whiley.

  Motion carried


13        Chairperson's Report


A verbal update was provided by the Chairperson at the meeting, including:

·        Portobello playground – staff have resolved the drainage issues

·        Sand mining at Tomahawk – discussion held on the interpretation of the Otago Regional Council’s consent

·        Letter of congratulations from the Board to Norcombe Barker for the recent 150th Larnach Castle celebrations.



Moved (Chairperson Paul Pope/Cr Andrew Whiley):

That the Board:


Notes the update from the Chairperson.

             Motion carried


14        Items for Consideration by the Chairperson


There were no items for consideration by the Chairperson.


The meeting concluded at 12:01 pm.