Saddle Hill Community Board



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Saddle Hill Community Board held via zoom audio visual link on Thursday 31 March 2022, commencing at 1.00 pm





Scott Weatherall


Deputy Chairperson

Paul Weir




Christina McBratney

Keith McFadyen


John Moyle

Cr Jules Radich


Leanne Stenhouse





Anna Nilsen (Group Manager Property Services) and Gill Brown (Housing Action Plan Advisor)


Governance Support Officer                  Lynne Adamson




1          Public Forum

1.1       Public Forum - Fairfield School Funding Application


Felix Newell and Eve Kelleher, Year 8 pupils, spoke to a PowerPoint presentation in support of the Fairfield School funding application requesting funding towards the installation of a bike track.

Felix and Eve responded to questions.



2          Apologies

             There were no apologies.



3          Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Scott Weatherall/Christina McBratney):

That the Board:


Confirms the agenda with the following alteration:


That Item 8 – Housing Action Plan be taken before Item 7 – Funding Application.


Motion carried




4          Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.



Moved (Scott Weatherall/Leanne Stenhouse):

That the Board:


a)     Notes the Elected Members' Interest Register; and

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried


5          Confirmation of Minutes

5.1       Saddle Hill Community Board meeting - 17 February 2022


Moved (Scott Weatherall/Paul Weir):

That the Board:


Confirms the public part of the minutes of the Saddle Hill Community Board meeting held on 17 February 2022 as a correct record.

Motion carried



Part A Reports

6          Funding Grant Recipient Update - Rosie Davison


Rosie Davison was in attendance to provide an update on her leadership experience  granted funding towards the cost of attending a Spirit of Adventure course.


8          Housing Action Plan


The Housing Action Plan Advisor (Gill Brown) was in attendance to introduce her role and the Housing Action Plan to the Board.


Ms Brown responded to questions.



7          Funding Application


Paul Weir withdrew from this item

Fairfield School requested $3,000.00 funding assistance towards the installation of a bike track and pump track at the school.


Moved (Christina McBratney/Scott Weatherall):

That the Board:


Approves the funding application for $3,000 from Fairfield School for assistance towards the cost for installation of a bike track and pump track.

Motion carried (SHCB/2022/001)



9          Governance Support Officer's Report


A report from Civic provided an update on activities relevant to the Board’s area including:

·                Discretionary Fund

·                Submission to the Draft Dunedin City Council 2022/23 Annual Plan – safety assessment of Waldronville to Ocean View

·               Roadworks Schedule.


Moved (Scott Weatherall/Leanne Stenhouse):

That the Board:


a)    Notes the Governance Support Officer’s Report;

b)    Approves the submission to the Dunedin City Council Draft 2022/23 Annual Plan with minor editorial changes.

Motion carried (SHCB/2022/002)


10        Board Updates


Board members provided updates on any activities undertaken on behalf of the Board or items of interest which included:


·                Keep Dunedin Beautiful

·                Coastal Dune Regeneration Programme

·                Community Response Plan

·                Bus issues

·                Waldronville – Ocean View cycle/walkway – the Board requested a safety assessment of the section of road between Waldronville and Ocean View.  It was agreed this would be included in the Annual Plan submission.


Moved (Leanne Stenhouse/Paul Weir):

That the Board:


Notes the Board updates.

Motion carried


11        Chairperson's Report


The Chairperson (Scott Weatherall) provided an update of items of Interest to the Board which included:

·                Community Response Team Get Together – it was agreed that the Chair would be reimbursed costs incurred for the evening.

·                Anzac Day commemorations

·                Smooth Hill

·                Seaview Road – onsite meeting

·                Waldronville Roundabout

·                Green Island Roundabout

·                Picnic Tables in Taieri Mouth Road Laybys


Moved (Scott Weatherall/Paul Weir):

That the Board:


a)       Notes the Chairperson’s update.

b)      Approves reimbursement of $42.00 to the Chair for costs incurred for the Community Response Team meeting.

Motion carried (SHCB/2022/003)


12        Councillor Update


Councillor Jules Radich provided an update on Council activities which included:

·               Waikouaiti/Karitane water update

·               St Clair-St Kilda Coastal Plan

·               Keeping of Roosters

·               3 Waters – Notice of Motions

·               ORC – DCC Public Transport

·               Otago Rally and road closures


Moved (Cr Jules Radich/Scott Weatherall):

That the Board:


Notes the Councillor update.

Motion carried


13     Items for Consideration by the Chair


The following items were identified:


·                Installation of picnic tables in the Taieri Mouth Road Laybys

·                Discretionary Fund – encourage community organisations to apply and identify any Board Projects. 

·                Emergency Management - Pricing for the cost and installation of evacuation route signs.

·                Suggested meeting venues for the remainder of the year:

·                16 June 2022 – Fairfield Bowling Club

·                11 August 2022– Brighton Bowling Club

The meeting concluded at 2.30 pm.