Civic Affairs Committee



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Civic Affairs Committee held in the Council Chambers, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, The Octagon, Dunedin on Tuesday 16 May 2023, commencing at 1:00pm




Deputy Chairperson

Cr Marie Laufiso




Cr Sophie Barker

Cr David Benson-Pope


Cr Christine Garey

Cr Kevin Gilbert


Cr Carmen Houlahan

Cr Cherry Lucas


Cr Mandy Mayhem

Cr Jim O'Malley


Mayor Jules Radich

Cr Steve Walker


Cr Brent Weatherall

Cr Andrew Whiley







Sandy Graham (Chief Executive Officer)



Governance Support Officer                  Clare Sullivan (Principal Committee Advisor)



In the absence of the Chairperson the Deputy Chairperson, Cr Laufiso chaired the meeting. 

1          Public Forum

There was no Public Forum.


2          Apologies

Moved (Cr Marie Laufiso/Cr Steve Walker):

That the Committee:

Accepts the apologies from Crs Acklin and Vandervis.

Motion carried (CAC/2023/007)




3          Confirmation of agenda





Moved (Cr Marie Laufiso/Cr Cherry Lucas):

That the Committee:


Confirms the agenda without addition or alteration.


Motion carried (CAC/2023/008)


4          Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.




Moved (Cr Marie Laufiso/Cr Mandy Mayhem):

That the Committee:


a)     Notes the Elected Members' Interest Register; and

b)     Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

Motion carried (CAC/2023/009)


5          Minutes of Committees

5          Civic Affairs Committee - 6 March 2023



Moved (Cr Marie Laufiso/Cr Christine Garey):

That the Committee

Confirms the minutes of the Civic Affairs Committee meeting held on 06 March 2023.


Motion carried (CAC/2023/010)












West Harbour Community Board

Ange McErlane, Chair of the West Harbour Community Board, addressed the Committee.  Ms McErlane raised a number of matters including:

·         The community was looking forward to the completion of the shared path, noting it may mean an increased need for an additional toilet and bike stands in Port Chalmers once the shared path opens

·         Kiwirail are installing new barrier arms  at the railway crossing on Wickliffe Street

·         Concern expressed by members of the community on the impact on the town with the return of cruise ships, in particular, the number of passengers using the local bus service and the need for additional toilets in the season

·         The Board would appreciate being involved in any discussions with Port Otago and Kiwirail  and would be keen to see the train service being able to directly take passengers from the cruise ship into Dunedin 

·         Seeking the implementation of the planned town centre upgrade for George Street in Port Chalmers

·         Thanked the Council for the upgrade of the Aramoana playground and seeking some management and upgrade of parking near the playground with gravel on an area to keep  the road way safe.

The chairperson responded to questions.

Mosgiel Taieri Community Board

Andrew Simms, Chair of the Mosgiel Taieri Community Board, addressed the Committee.  Mr Simms raised a number of matters including:

·         The Silverstream Flood Protection scheme and lack of maintenance of Silverstream by the Otago Regional Council

·         Support cycle trails and Mosgiel seen as a hub for a possible extension of the Central Otago rail trail from Middlemarch to Dunedin and the tunnels trail from Mosgiel to Dunedin

·         Advocate for moving heavy transport away from Gordon Road and funding to be included in the next 10 year plan for a feasibility study for a bypass.

·         Looking forward to the opening of the new Mosgiel pool on 19 June and thanked the community and the council for their efforts in achieving the project

·         Board will take part in the consultation process for Outram Glen and Mosgiel Memorial Park

·         Sought an increase (inflation adjusted) to the board’s discretionary fund.

The chairperson responded to questions.

Waikouaiti Coast Community Board

Alasdair Morrison, Chair of the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board and
Andy Barratt, Deputy Chair, addressed the Committee.  Mr Morrison and Mr Barratt raised a number of matters relating to issues of the Karitāne Harbour entrance including:

·         The channel was now unsafe for boats entering or exiting due to the increase of sand around the groyne at the spit

·         Rock walls that need repairing

·         Address issues with the spit

·         These measures would assist in protecting the Coast Road and the shoreline.

Mr Morrison and Mr Barratt responded to questions.

Saddle Hill Community Board

Paul Weir, Chair, and Keith McFadyen , Saddle Hill Community Board, addressed the Committee and raised a number of matters which included:

·         The success of the shared path from Waldronville to Green Island and requested it be extended to Ocean View citing safety issues

·         The community look forward to the installation of new basketball court in Waldronville

·         The board would like to see new data collected on the Saddle Hill coastline so that erosion can be monitored from Brighton to Taieri Mouth

·         Lack of footpaths in Brighton, especially Queen St and that consideration to a footpath installed on one side of the road

·         Provision of beach access for less able people – e.g. matting so that wheelchairs can manage the access to the beach

·         Thanked the Council for the good relationship between the Board, Council and staff

Mr Weir and Mr McFadyen responded to questions.




Moved (Cr Marie Laufiso/Cr Steve Walker):

That the Committee:


             Adjourns the meeting for ten minutes.


             Motion carried


The meeting adjourned at 2.48 pm and reconvened at 3.05.


The Mayor and Councillor Benson-Pope left the meeting at 3.05 pm.





7          Civic Affairs Committee Forward Work Programme


A report from Civic provided an regular update of the Committee’s forward work programme to show areas of activity, progress and expected timeframes for decision making across a range of areas of work. 


The Chief Executive (Sandy Graham) spoke to the report.



Moved (Cr Marie Laufiso/Cr Carmen Houlahan):

That the Committee:


Notes the Civic Affairs Committee forward work programme.

Motion carried (CAC/2023/011)


8          Remits to the LGNZ Annual General Meeting - Request for Support


A report from Civic provided three proposed remits from Hamilton City Council seeking support.    




The Chief Executive (Sandy Graham) and Principal Committee Advisor (Clare Sullivan) spoke to the report and responded to questions.



Moved (Cr Marie Laufiso/Cr Steve Walker):

That the Committee:


a)              Does not support the remit on KiwiSaver and remuneration.

b)             Supports the remit of virtual quorums.

Motion carried (CAC/2023/012) .



Moved (Cr Marie Laufiso/Cr Steve Walker):

That the Committee:

             Supports the remit on wellbeing.


Motion lost (CAC/2023/013) on a show of hands


9          Items for Consideration by the Chair


There were no items for consideration by the chair.








The meeting concluded at 3.43 pm.