Minutes of an ordinary meeting of the Dunedin City Council held in the Council Chamber, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, The Octagon, Dunedin on Monday 01 May 2023 and Tuesday 2 May 2023, commencing at 9.00 am





Mayor Jules Radich


Deputy Mayor

Cr Sophie Barker




Cr Bill Acklin

Cr David Benson-Pope


Cr Christine Garey

Cr Kevin Gilbert


Cr Carmen Houlahan

Cr Marie Laufiso


Cr Cherry Lucas

Cr Mandy Mayhem


Cr Jim O'Malley

Cr Lee Vandervis


Cr Steve Walker

Cr Brent Weatherall


Cr Andrew Whiley





Sandy Graham (Chief Executive Officer), Simon Pickford (General Manager Community Services), John Christie (Manager Enterprise Dunedin), Simon Drew (General Manager Infrastructure and Development), Jeanette Wikaira (Manahautū (General Manager Māori, Partnerships and Policy)),


Governance Support Officers                Lynne Adamson; Wendy Collard (Monday 1 May 2023) and Jenny Lapham and Lauren Riddle (Tuesday 2 May 2023)




1          Public Forum

There was no Public Forum.


2          Apologies

             Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Cr Sophie Barker):

             That the Council:

                          Accepts the apology for lateness from Cr Marie Laufiso.

             Motion carried (CNL/2023/095)



3          Confirmation of agenda



Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Cr Mandy Mayhem):

That the Council:


Confirms the agenda without addition or alteration.


Motion carried (CNL/2023/096)


4          Declarations of interest

Members were reminded of the need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arose between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have.



Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Cr Kevin Gilbert):

That the Council:


a)         Notes the Elected Members' Interest Register; and

b)        Confirms the proposed management plan for Elected Members' Interests.

c)         Notes the Executive Leadership Team Members’ Interest Register.

Motion carried (CNL/2023/097)



5          Hearing Scheduled for the Annual Plan and Late Submissions

A report from Civic provided a schedule of submitters who wished to present at the Annual Plan hearings and an update on late submissions.

Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Cr Steve Walker):

That the Council:


a)        Accepts the late submissions.

 Motion carried (CNL/2023/098)



6                 SUBMISSIONS




Paul Pope, Otago Peninsula Community Board


Paul Pope (Chairperson) spoke in support of the submission from the Otago Peninsula Community Board and emphasised their request to complete the peninsula connection.   He commented on road safety and transport, climate change and community resilience and recreation and facility requests.


Mr Pope responded to questions.

Cr Marie Laufiso entered the meeting at 9.15 am.




Paul Weir and Scott Weatherall, Saddle Hill Community Board



Paul Weir (Chairperson) and Scott Weatherall (Deputy Chairperson) spoke in support of the Saddle Hill Community Board submission and thanked Council for the Delta Drive playground upgrade which was due to be completed in the 2023-24 financial year. 


They spoke on the proposal that the shared pathway from Green Island to Waldronville be extended to Ocean View; a request for an assessment of coastal erosion and community engagement on the Smooth Hill Landfill.


Messrs Weir and Weatherall responded to questions. 




Antonia Wood, Plogging Ōtepoti  Dunedin



Antonia Wood spoke on the shared path extension for West Harbour and advocated for more rubbish and recycling facilities and well placed signage along the pathway.


Ms Wood responded to questions.




Desiree Mahy, Te Hou Ora Whanau Services



Desiree Mahy spoke on the submission from Te Hou Ora Whanau Services and spoke in support of the Te Reo signage in Dunedin.  She encouraged Councillors to continue the drive to reflect indigenous people.


Ms Mahy commented on the disappointment of Te Hou Ora Whanau Services that the destination playground had been removed from the Long Term Plan and requested it be reinstated.


Ms Mahy responded to questions.




Jordana Whyte, Dunedin Wildlife Hospital


Cr Steve Walker withdrew from this item.



Jordana Whyte (Manager) and Sian Sutton (Chair Dunedin Wildlife Hospital) thanked Council for the ongoing support for the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital and spoke on the key points of their submission.


Ms Whyte provided an overview on the activities of the hospital over the past year. 


Ms Whyte and Ms Sutton responded to questions.




Jemma Adams, Dunedin Theatre Network



Jemma Adams (Dunedin Repertory Society Inc/Playhouse Theatre); Helen Scott (Project Chair); Lawrie Forbes (Zeal Land/ the Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute Building) and Geoff Patton (Mayfair Theatre Charitable Trust) spoke in support of the submission from The Dunedin Theatre Network. 


They advised that they represented the owners of the Playhouse and Mayfair Theatres and the Athenaeum building and sought $100,000 funding to refine designs and costings for redevelopment of the three venues.


The members of the Dunedin Theatre Network then responded to questions. 



Moved (The Mayor/Cr Sophie Barker):


That the Council:


             Adjourns the meeting until 10.30 am.


             Motion carried


The meeting adjourned at 10.08 am and reconvened at 10.38 am.



Fraser Thompson



Fraser Thompson spoke in support of Save Dunedin Live Music and requested Council protect the live music scene in Dunedin.


Mr Thompson responded to questions.




Jen Rodgers, The Valley Project



Jen Rodgers and James Sutherland (Chair, Executive Board, Valley Project) thanked Council for the support provided to The Valley Project through Place Based Funding.  They spoke of the benefits to the community and outlined some of their projects.


Ms Rogers and Mr Sutherland responded to questions.




Liz Angelo and Diane Yeldon, Bus Users Support Group Ōtepoti/Te Roopu Taitoko Kaieke Pahi ki Ōtepoti



Liz Angelo and Diane Yeldon spoke to the submission from the Bus Users Support Group.  Ms Angelo requested a coordinator be jointly funded by the Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council to facilitate issues with the bus service.


Ms Yeldon supported the employment of a coordinator and suggested that a career path be established for bus drivers which would include training, knowledge of the city and roads and an understanding of how the system worked, noting that public transport was vital to the future of the city.


Ms Angelo and Ms Yeldon responded to questions.




Peter Dowden, Dunedin Tramways Union



Peter Dowden outlined the concerns raised in the Dunedin Tramways Union submission on public transport and in particular bus routes and issues with bus stops.  Mr Dowden advised that they did not seek a bus stop replacement programme but should a bus stop be replaced, there was an expectation that the new one would be better than the previous one.


Mr Dowden responded to questions.


Ian Griffin, Tūhura Otago Museum


Crs Christine Garey and Cherry Lucas withdrew from this item.


Cr Carmen Houlahan left the meeting at 11.16 am and returned at 11.19 am.



Ian Griffin and Mr David Hutchison sought an increase in the levy funding for Tūhura Otago Museum in line with the current rate of inflation of 7%.  They commented on the impacts of not obtaining additional income.


Messrs Griffin and Hutchison advised that for every dollar of public money spent, the Tūhura Otago Museum generated a benefit of $5.90 which equated to $25m annually for the city.


Messrs Griffin and Hutchison responded to questions. 




Philippa Harris, Dunedin Symphony Orchestra



Megan Bartlett (Chair) and Philippa Harris (General Manager) spoke to the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra submission and commented that decisions made now must feed into the ten year plan.  They sought a 7% increase in funding and requested that the Dunedin City Council review the cost structure and booking system for Dunedin Centre


Ms Bartlett and Ms Harris responded to questions.




Emily Cooper, Coastal Communities Clyde Connection


Cr Christine Garey left the meeting at 11.42 am and returned at 11.45 am.



Emily Cooper provided an update on the project to connect the northern coastal communities for a shared-use path for cycling and walking. 


Ms Cooper responded to questions.




Gerard Hyland, Dunedin Tunnels Trail Trust



Brent Irving and Gerard Hyland (Co-Chairs of the Dunedin Tunnels Trail Trust) reiterated the key points in their submission.  


Messrs Hyland and Irving responded to questions.




Greg Bouwer, Mountain Biking Otago



Greg Bouwer spoke to his PowerPoint presentation in support of the submission from Mountain Biking Otago.


Mr Bouwer responded to questions.




Cam Burrow, Dunedin Rugby Club and St Clair Surf Lifesaving



Cam Burrow spoke on key points of his submission as Chair of the Dunedin Rugby Club and Committee member of the St Clair Surf Lifesaving Club.


Mr Burrow responded to questions. 

Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Cr Steve Walker):


That the Council:


             Adjourns the meeting until 1.30 pm.


             Motion carried


The meeting adjourned at 12.14 pm  and reconvened at 1.30 pm.



Phil Dowsett, Otago Settlers Association



Phil Dowsett (Chairperson, Otago Settlers Association) tabled and spoke in support of their submission. He requested that Council continue to hold Annual Plan hearings each year. 


Mr Dowsett responded to questions. 




Timothy McMullen



Timothy McMullen spoke in support of his submission and in particular the installation of tsunami warning towers in South Dunedin and flood mitigation. 


Mr McMullen responded to questions.




James Sutherland, Federated Farmers of Otago



James Sutherland presented in support of the Federated Farmers of Otago submission and requested that consideration be given to capping rates for farmers similar to Clutha District Council. 


Mr Sutherland responded to questions.



Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Cr Steve Walker):


That the Council:


             Adjourns the meeting until 2.25 pm.


             Motion carried


The meeting adjourned at 2.01 pm  and reconvened at 2.29 pm.




Catherine  Anderson



Catherine Anderson spoke to her submission and in particular her concerns with commercial forestry companies and the effects on the environment. 


Ms Anderson responded to questions.




Edna Stevenson



Edna Stevenson presented a petition on behalf of the residents of Otakou and Harrington Point and spoke to her submission that the Peninsula Connection Project be completed.


Ms Stevenson responded to questions.




Colin Weatherall, Chairperson of the District Licensing Committee and Resident



Colin Weatherall spoke to his submission and in particular requested that Council recommit the $700,000 set aside for the upgrading of the CCTV system in the CBD. 


Mr Weatherall responded to questions.



Councillor Lee Vandervis left the meeting at 2.57 pm


Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Cr Jim O’Malley):


That the Council:


             Adjourns the meeting until 3.25 pm.


             Motion carried


The meeting adjourned at 2.57 pm and reconvened at 3.25 pm.



David Bennett, Save Dunedin Live Music



David Bennett spoke in support of their submission.  Mr Bennett requested Council give consideration to making changes to the 2GP to allow for the protection of Live Music Venues and consultation on a mid-sized venue be included in the next 10 year plan. 


Mr Bennett responded to questions.



Jo Galer and Anne Barsby, Southern Heritage Trust



Jo Galer and Anne Barsby spoke in support of their submission  which included the conflict of intensification and the city’s heritage streetscapes.  They requested that Council considered a review of the 2GP and more research be undertaken on heritage properties to be included in the 2GP. 


Ms Galer responded to questions.





Nicole Bezemer, Tomahawk-Smaills BeachCare Trust



Nicole Bezemer spoke in support of the submission and provided an update on the restoration of the habitat and biodiversity of the sand dune ecosystem in the Ocean Beach Reserve.


 Ms Bezemer responded to questions





Darryl Jones



Darryl Jones spoke to his submission and requested that Council give consideration to the purchase of the Carnegie Centre as a performing acts venue. 


Mr Jones responded to questions.

Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Cr Steve Walker)


That the Council:


             Adjourns the meeting


             Motion carried


The meeting adjourned at 4.15 pm and reconvened at 9.00 am on Tuesday 2 May 2023.


There were apologies received from Cr Christine Garey (for absence) and Cr Carmen Houlahan (for lateness).



Barry Williams, Strath Taieri Community Board



Barry Williams spoke to the Board’s submission  and advised that the main concern was flooding impact on the Strath Taieri.  Mr Williams extended an invitation to the Mayor and councillors to visit with the Strath Taieri Community Board


Mr Williams responded to questions.



Cr Houlahan arrived to the meeting at 9:14 am.



Colin Brown, Taieri Cycle Trail Group



Colin Brown spoke to the submission from the Taieri Cycle Trail Group and requested that any available discretionary funds be used to assist with cycleway development in the city, particularly a cycleway trail connection from Mosgiel to Waihola. 


Mr Brown responded to questions.


Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Cr Mandy Mayhem)


That the Council:


             Adjourns for 15 minutes.


             Motion carried


The meeting adjourned at  9:23am and reconvened at 9:39am



Francisca Griffin



Ms Griffin spoke to her submission on the music community and requested that Council continue the process with Save Dunedin Live Music and keep the community informed.  She requested Council support for practise venue space.


Ms Griffin responded to questions.


Cr Marie Laufiso left the meeting at 9:50 am.



Heidi Hayward, Dunedin North Intermediate



Heidi Hayward acknowledged the Council’s support of access to pools and completion of the network review.  She commented on the situation with the Dunedin North Intermediate pool and, on behalf of the schools of North Dunedin, requested a funding partnership be established. 


Ms Hayward responded to questions on the submission.




Dave Bainbridge-Zafar



Dave Bainbridge-Zafar spoke to his submission on a free bus service for Dunedin City.  He requested that Council work with the Otago Regional Council to establish the cost for a free bus service for the city and that it be considered in the Ten Year Plan for public consultation.  


Mr Bainbridge-Zafar responded to questions.




Paul Munro, Aramoana League



Paul Munro spoke to the submission from the Aramoana League and highlighted concerns with the erosion of the Aramoana Split and provided a map image of Wagon Bay which indicated the level of erosion.  He requested Council work to maintain the existing groynes.


Mr Munro responded to questions.



Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Deputy Mayor Sophie Barker)


That the Council:


             Adjourns the meeting for 20 minutes.


             Motion carried


The meeting adjourned at 10:19 am and reconvened at 10:40 am.



Ben Hogan and Rod Bannister Dunedin Gymnastic Academy



Ben Hogan (Facility Project Lead) and Rod Bannister (General Manager, Dunedin Gymnastic Academy) spoke to the submission and requested Council provide funding for a new facility build for the Dunedin Gymnastic Academy and the general community.


Messrs Hogan and Bannister responded to questions.




Jollene Warrington and Joy Davis, Presbyterian Support Otago



Jollene Warrington (Team Leader, Presbyterian Support Otago) spoke to the submission and in particular sought rates relief for ratepayers in financial hardship.


Ms Warrington responded to questions.




Andy McLean, Otago Hockey



Andy McLean (General Manager, Otago Hockey) spoke to the submission and sought Council’s ongoing financial support of the Otago Hockey Harbour Terrace facilities noting it was a community and regional asset for the city.


Mr McLean responded to questions.




Taylor Davies-Colley and Amanda Simon, Orokonui Ecosanctuary



Ms Simon spoke to the submission and highlighted the mission of the Orokonui Ecosanctuary and sought Council’s funding partnership to support the activities of the Ecosanctuary. 


Ms Simon responded to questions.




Dr Barbara Anderson, West Harbour Community Board



Dr Barbara Anderson spoke to the Board’s submission and highlighted infrastructure required for the West Harbour shared pathway, which included the provision of public toilet facilities and bike stands. 


She spoke of the need for improvement of the current public toilet facilities and need for new facilities to be installed in the West Harbour area, particularly Port Chalmers.  Dr Anderson  also spoke of parking issues at the Aramoana Domain and support for an extended season and opening hours for the Port Chalmers community pool. 


Dr Anderson responded to questions.




Alasdair Morrison, Waikouaiti Coast Community Board



Alasdair Morrison spoke to the Board’s submission and highlighted the concern of overcrowding on public transport and funding of community emergency response groups.  He provided a copy of the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board community newsletter for information on the activities of the community board.  


Mr Morrison responded to questions.



Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Deputy Mayor Cr Sophie Barker)


That the Council:


             Adjourns for 50 minutes.


             Motion carried


The meeting adjourned at 11:49 am  and reconvened at 12.40 pm.



Tom Kay and Chelsea McGaw, The Royal Forest and Bird Society of New Zealand via Zoom



Tom Kay provided an update on the impact of Gabrielle Cyclone and spoke about the impact of climate change and  mis-management of river management.  He suggested that the flood banks should be wider and enable the rivers more space to flood safely. 


Chelsea McGaw spoke on cat control and urged Council to consider the introduction of cat controls under the DCC Small Animals Bylaw.


Ms McGaw and Mr Kay responded to questions.





Craig Monk



Craig Monk spoke on the Council commitment to a Live Music Action Plan and requested that this now be resourced.   He spoke on the loss of venues, specifically the closure of the Dog with Two Tails due to noise complaints and wondered if this was a priority for Council.


Mr Monk responded to questions.




Beatrice  Lee




Beatrice Lee commented on dust suppression and the proposed use of otta-seal on roads.  She lives on an unsealed road where bio-oil has been used and commented that this worked for about 3 weeks.  Logging trucks were now regularly using the road and creating more dust therefore she requested that funding be put into the otta-seal as the bio-oil does not work.


Ms Lee suggested that Council staff should meet with the residents on the road to discuss a variety of health and safety issues.




Ben McKenzie, The Greater Green Island Network




Ben McKenzie spoke on behalf of the Greater Green Island Network and commented on the importance to invest in the community via place based community groups. 


He spoke on the safety of the Concord/Burnside underpass; the importance of the Dunedin Tunnel Trails project and the need for the connection of Concord and the coastal route south.


Mr McKenzie responded to questions.


Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Deputy Mayor Cr Sophie Barker)


That the Council:


             Adjourns the meeting for 20 minutes.


             Motion carried


The meeting adjourned at 1.18 pm  and reconvened at 1.40 pm.





Ruth Harvey and Kate Schrader, Dunedin Fringe Arts Trust




Kate Schrader spoke to the Dunedin Fringe Arts Trust submission and highlighted the importance of Arts and Culture to the community noting it was a necessary part of a healthy, vibrant community.  She requested Council increase funding for the arts community and also sought annual funding for adequate staffing levels.


Ms Schrader also spoke on the support to community and professional performing arts and music and responded to questions.







Dr Ruth Graham




Dr Ruth Graham spoke on the South Dunedin Library and advised that her mother had worked hard to get a community library.


Dr Graham commented that she and her family were disappointed at the delay in the development of the library and asked the Council to review and revise the budget to reflect the current costs.




Marlene Pooley, Otago Military History Group




Marlene Pooley (co -chair of the Otago Military History Group) commented that the group was working on Dunedin’s military History and historic military sites. 


She commented that the group sought funding for an information board to preserve the city’s history and inform the public at sites around the city for an estimated cost of $2,300. 


Councillors suggested they could apply to the Grants Subcommittee. 




Rhys Millar, Predator Free Dunedin




Rhys Millar provided an overview of the work of Predator Free Dunedin and acknowledged the support from Council. 


Mr Millar requested a red carpet approach to pest control and encouraged the Council to continue with the funding support.




Karen Anderson




Karen Anderson spoke to her submission via zoom audio visual link.


Moved (Mayor Jules Radich/Deputy Mayor Cr Sophie Barker)


That the Council:


             Adjourns for 20 minutes.


             Motion carried


The meeting adjourned at 1.32 pm  and reconvened at 2.50 pm.



Andrew Simms, Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board




Andrew Simms and Dean McAlwee spoke to the submission of the Community Board and in particular the traffic issues on the main street; cycle trails; Taieri Gorge railway and the Community Board Discretionary Fund.



Cr Houlahan left the meeting at 2.57 pm and returned at 2.58 pm.



Peter Miller, and Stuart Strachan Archives & Records Assn of NZ Te Huinga Mahara




Peter Miller and Stuart Strachan spoke on the storage of the Council archive material.  Mr Strachan spoke on the history of the archives and advised the upper basement was unsuitable for storage and suggested there may be other opportunities to house the collection more safely.


Messrs Miller and Strachan responded to questions.




Mike Collins, Business South Inc




Mike Collins spoke to the submission from Business South Inc and commented that they would be releasing a 10 point plan on how to progress business in Dunedin which would be reported back to Council via the Economic Development Committee. 


Mr Collins advised that businesses would like to be part of the process growing forward in partnership with the Council.


Mr Collins responded to questions.


Cr Gilbert left the meeting at 3.42 pm. 



Lindsay Dey, Dunedin Tracks Network




Lindsay Dey, Paul Coffey and Sarah Nitis spoke to the submission from the Dunedin Tracks Network.  They advised that the would like to develop a Memorandum of Understanding and would like signage upgraded and to upgrade the programme with existing tracks and develop a track management strategy with the city.


The group requested that Council undertake a feasibility study from Outram to Middlemarch.







The meeting closed at 3.56 pm.