Notice of Meeting:

I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Economic Development Committee will be held on:


Date:                                                    Tuesday 21 May 2019

Time:                                                   1.30 pm (or at the conclusion of the previous meeting, whichever is later)

Venue:                                                Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon, Dunedin


Sue Bidrose

Chief Executive Officer


Economic Development Committee






Chris Staynes


Deputy Chairperson

Christine Garey

Andrew Whiley



Cr David Benson-Pope

Mayor Dave Cull


Cr Rachel Elder

Cr Doug Hall


Cr Aaron Hawkins

Cr Marie Laufiso


Cr Mike Lord

Cr Damian Newell


Cr Jim O'Malley

Cr Conrad Stedman


Cr Lee Vandervis

Cr Kate Wilson


Senior Officer                                               John Christie, Director Enterprise Dunedin


Governance Support Officer                  Wendy Collard




Wendy Collard

Governance Support Officer



Telephone: 03 477 4000







Note: Reports and recommendations contained in this agenda are not to be considered as Council policy until adopted.


Economic Development Committee

21 May 2019



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Part A Reports (Committee  has power to decide these matters)

5             Film Dunedin Update redacted                                                                                                                           4                


Economic Development Committee

21 May 2019


Part A Reports

Film Dunedin Update redacted



Enterprise Dunedin presented a report providing an update on Film Dunedin during the confidential section of the Economic Development Committee meeting held on 21 May 2019. 

A redacted version of this report has been approved for release.

The Economic Development Committee resolved the following:

Moved (Cr Kate Wilson/Cr Christine Garey):

That the Committee:

a)         Approves $115,000 for Film Dunedin activity from proposed 2019/20 Grow Dunedin Partnership operating budgets.

b)        Approves that a redacted version of the C1 -Film Update Report be released to the public at an appropriate time to be deemed by the Chair, Economic Development Committee.

Motion carried (ED/2019/001)






Film Dunedin Update Redacted



Economic Development Committee

21 May 2019


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