Notice of Meeting:

I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Dunedin City Council will be held on:


Date:                                                    Monday 24 February 2020

Time:                                                   1.00 pm

Venue:                                                Council Chamber, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon, Dunedin


Sue Bidrose

Chief Executive Officer








Mayor Aaron Hawkins


Deputy Mayor

Cr  Christine Garey




Cr Sophie Barker

Cr David Benson-Pope


Cr Rachel Elder

Cr Doug Hall


Cr Carmen Houlahan

Cr Marie Laufiso


Cr Mike Lord

Cr Jim O'Malley


Cr Jules Radich

Cr Chris Staynes


Cr Lee Vandervis

Cr Steve Walker


Cr Andrew Whiley



Senior Officer                                               Sue Bidrose, Chief Executive Officer


Governance Support Officer                  Lynne Adamson




Lynne Adamson

Governance Support Officer



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Note: Reports and recommendations contained in this agenda are not to be considered as Council policy until adopted.



24 February 2020



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24 February 2020




Annual Plan 2020/21 Community Engagement

Department: Corporate Policy






1          This report provides a proposed approach for engaging with the community on the draft budgets, and the information document that will be delivered to every Dunedin home.


That the Council:

a)     Confirms the proposed approach for engaging with the community on the draft budgets and content of the Annual Plan 2020/21.

b)     Notes the draft Annual Plan 2020/21 Information Document (Attachment A).

c)     Authorises the CEO to make minor amendments to the Information Document if required by the audit process.




2          Community engagement on the Annual Plan 2020/21 provides an update to the community on how the Council is tracking against the goals set out in the 10 year plan, and provides an opportunity for community feedback on DCC activities.

3          The Council adopted the draft 2020/21 operating budget for the purposes of developing the Annual Plan 2020/21 and engaging with the community. The draft budgets include an overall rate increase of 6.5%, which is required in order to maintain levels of service and deliver a balanced budget.


4          The proposed key dates for engagement and decision-making are:

a)         Community engagement will be open for approximately 5 weeks, from Thursday 12 March until Wednesday 15 April 2020.

b)        Hearings will be held over a three-day period from Monday 4 May to Wednesday 6 May 2020.

c)         Deliberations are scheduled to begin on Monday 25 May 2020.

Community engagement focus

5          The focus of the community engagement will be on:

a)         Describing any differences in draft budgets for 2020/21, including reasons for the differences;

b)        Highlighting specific issues, such as the proposed rates increase and rating method changes, with targeted questions;

c)         Reminding the community about the activities and projects that were included in the 10 year plan 2018-2028 and continue to be included in the draft budget; and

d)        Foreshadowing the fuller consultation process around the 10 year plan when issues such as Waste Futures, short term visitor accommodation rating and social housing will need to be considered.

Engagement items

6          The following will be specifically considered as part of the community engagement process.

a)         Proposed rating change: The effects of the 2019 revaluation and Council’s decision to decrease the Community Services Targeted Rate from $240.50 to $100 for the 2020-21 year, to be offset by an increase in rates collected by the general rate. Legal advice has confirmed this is an amendment to the current 10 year plan, and Audit New Zealand requirements will be incorporated into the engagement and consultation process.

b)        Borrowing: Outlining Council’s intent to join the Local Government Funding Agency through Dunedin City Treasury.

c)         Draft Waste Minimisation and Management Plan (WMMP): Noting Council’s plan for reducing and managing Dunedin’s waste, in conjunction with the Waste Futures Project. A Special Consultative Procedure (SCP) is required for an updated waste assessment and amended WMMP. The proposed annual plan engagement period allows for this.

Waste Futures

7          In parallel to the community engagement period, community feedback will also be sought on ideas for rubbish and recycling collection in Dunedin as part of the Waste Futures project.

Community engagement approach

8          The proposed community engagement approach includes:

a)         Sending an information document to every Dunedin home;

b)        Providing Councillors and Community Boards with engagement packs, and encouraging and supporting elected members to use their social media networks to generate engagement;

c)         Supporting specific annual plan engagement events (e.g. Cr Cuppa session at the University Link);

d)        Providing Annual Plan 2020/21 information at DCC’s service centres and libraries;

e)        Working with Community Boards to facilitate engagement in their areas during the engagement period (e.g. Blueskin Bay A&P Show on Sunday 5 April 2020);

f)         Networking with communities and stakeholder groups (e.g. Youth Council, Otago University and Otago Polytechnic Students’ Associations), and providing engagement packs including the information document and other engagement collateral;

g)         Use of social media and other online channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and the DCC website;

h)        Providing staff with key messages about the process and content of the draft budgets;

i)          Setting out how to access further information and provide feedback to the Council in media, FYI panels and advertising;

j)          Convening hearings where the community can speak to the Council in person on Monday 4 May to Wednesday 6 May 2020.

Information document

9          A draft information document has been developed to support community engagement and participation in the Council’s decision-making processes relating to the content of the Annual Plan 2020/21.

10        The draft information document is based on the decisions made at the Council meeting on 29-30 January 2020 and explains the Council’s proposals in plain English.

11        The draft information document includes information on:

a)         Some of the activities and projects that were included in the 10 year plan and continue to be included in the draft budget for 2020/21;

b)        The proposed rates increase of 6.5%;

c)         Specific items where feedback is being sought; and

d)        Ways for the community to give feedback to the Council.

12        Branding of the document will follow the style developed for the 10 year plan.

13        The information document will be delivered to all Dunedin homes, and will support the community engagement on the Annual Plan 2020/21.  The more detailed supporting documents will be available online and at the DCC’s service centres and libraries.

Capturing feedback

14        The community will be able to provide feedback through an online form, social media, print copies of the feedback form and at the engagement activities. All feedback will be collated, analysed and reported back to the Council for consideration at the deliberations beginning on 25 May 2020.


15        As this is an update report on the development of the Annual Plan 2020/21, there are no options.


16        Work on engagement planning is continuing and Councillors will be updated.

17        The draft information document will be designed and delivered to every Dunedin home.  There may be further changes to the final document depending on audit requirements, which will be required to meet the print deadline of 26 February 2020. Feedback on the draft Annual Plan 2020/21 will be sought from the community from 12 March to 15 April 2020.




Sean Jacobs - Senior Policy Analyst


Sandy Graham - General Manager City Services






Draft 2020/21 Annual Plan Information Document





Fit with purpose of Local Government

The development of the Annual Plan 2020/21 enables democratic local decision making and action by, and on behalf of, communities; and promotes the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of Dunedin communities in the present and for the future.

Fit with strategic framework




Not applicable

Social Wellbeing Strategy

Economic Development Strategy

Environment Strategy

Arts and Culture Strategy

3 Waters Strategy

Spatial Plan

Integrated Transport Strategy

Parks and Recreation Strategy

Other strategic projects/policies/plans

The Annual Plan 2020/21 contributes to objectives across the strategic framework, as it describes the Council’s activities, which are aligned to community outcomes. It also provides a long term focus for decision making and coordination of the Council’s resources, as well as a basis for community accountability.

Māori Impact Statement

The DCC works in partnership with mana whenua across a range of projects and activities outlined in the Annual Plan 2020/21, and provides opportunities for all Māori to participate and contribute to decision-making processes.


The DCC is committed to being a net carbon zero city by 2030, and sustainability is an underlying principle of the DCC’s strategic framework. Activity in the Annual Plan 2020/21 supports the DCC to embed the principles of sustainability across DCC work outlined in the 10 Year Plan.

LTP/Annual Plan / Financial Strategy /Infrastructure Strategy

This report provides an update on the development of the Annual Plan 2020/21 and implications for the 10 Year Plan.

Financial considerations

The financial implications of the draft budgets are discussed in the reports considered at the January 2020 Council Annual Plan meeting, as well as the group budget reports.


As noted in this report, there will be full consultation on the 2020/21 draft budget as part of the Annual Plan process, which will cover any issues of significance. The audit and SCP implications of Council’s decision to decrease the Community Services Targeted Rate to $100 for the 2020-21 year will be reflected in time for the engagement period on 12 March 2020.

Engagement – external

The content of the Annual Plan 2020/21 is of interest to the community and, as noted in this report, there will be a full community engagement process on the draft budget and content of the draft Annual Plan 2020/21.

Engagement - internal

Staff from across the Council have been involved in the development of the draft budgets.

Risks: Legal / Health and Safety etc.

Refer to the group budget reports and options reports for specific risks considered in the development of the draft budget.

Conflict of Interest

There are no known conflicts of interest.

Community Boards

Community Boards have had an opportunity to present any issues of concern during the January meetings. Community Boards will also have an opportunity to speak to the Council during Annual Plan hearings. Staff are working with community boards to develop robust Community Board Plans to inform community board areas of activity.




24 February 2020


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